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Build from metal, bolts, and rusty geras, he created his henchmen to have no fears. His power sparked them to life, and when they were done, their buzzing voices cheered: automatron! To test his machine, he invented a Maze, but he needed a subject to act in his plays. And in his workshop, out of the blue, he captured a mouse - but the mouse, it was you. Your goal si to escape from room of the maze with the fewest amount of moves possible. You move your character by swiping left, right, up or down.

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You can also preview any move by using swipe and hold. Swipe and hold you finger to move your character towards any direction. Move your finger back to cancel a move. In order to escape a room you need to move onto the golden exit tile. The exit is locked. To open it you need a key. Each time you move, every other unit moves in the same direction. Tiles can have items attached to them. You equip an item by moving onto a tile. Enemies try to block your bath towards the key and exit.

Maze Machina cheats, hack codes

To attack an enemy with the sword move next to it. If the enemy can’t move away you will use your sword and attack it. You can also do a counter attack. If an enemy can’t attack you but is moved towards your character, you will counter attack instead. The bow can only attack an enemy 2 or more tiles away. Some items are used instantly before the attacked unit can move away. The attacked enemy will not move first turn because the instant bow attack happens first.
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The shield can protect you from damage and can be used to attack and stun an enemy for 1 turn. A tile has always 3 items attached to it. When you use an item the next one will become active. Each time you move or use an item you consume 1 stamina. You need to eat to replenish your stamina. If you have nothing left to eat and your stamina is 0 the game ends. Every 3rd room you find a food item that replenish your stamina.

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