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MeatPossible cheat world: the knight commander and the grand inquisitor request your presence in the throne room, captain. Our first defense line is breached! The outskirt of the Epicton Kingdom is filled with the pigs and their cooks. They are intending to put up a long siege since they brought their cook along. We need to send someone among our ranks who can engage battles in the sky! Your reinforcement will be right behind.

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Ready to learn the way of hero? Press and hold anywhere on screen to fly upward. Swipe down for a quick sudden descent. Swipe left to summon the princess. Utilize the princess's shield to obliterate any obstacles when you're not power up. The priencess's shield is very much capable of damaging any pig boss too. The hero will move back upon swiping left, time your summon to destroy obstacles. No need to summon the princess or power up to kill fly.

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Small rock get destroyed upon colliding with big rock. Big rock get destoyed naturely by any of the pig's attack. Pig get eliminated by the small swift rock. Sit back and enjoy the show. Practice destroying 6 more big rocks and 3 flies. Fly is the chef for the pigs. Big rocks destroyed by any of the pigs will be counted! Prioritize your action! Collect 3 chests of the same color consecutively - 1 additional life. keep track of your health on the top left hand corner of your screen.

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Different chest color reset the counter and minus your score. Collect both blue and red chests consecutively and gain 2 lives. Power up to attack without the princess. Swipe right during power up to move forward. You can't swipe right when you're not powered up. Rely back on your ally, Princess when you're not powered up. Consecutive attacks build combo! Every combo summons different ally tohelp you briefly.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Alano is here to help for this fight. Enlist his help again from the shop. You've been granted 4 thunderbolt spell. You can use any of your spell item on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Pause during the game and switch to directional pad controls. If you find it difficult to swipe.

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