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Free hack Mega Adventure cheats code list - gold, rank up, stars, promo ticket, promote, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Mega Adventure cheat world: dear trainer, welcome to the world of pokemon. There are various surperise when using the summon in the hero center. You got a quite good badge, your power is improved a lot after equipped the badge, let's go defeat the enemy. Drag pokemon to move to create better environment of dealing damage.

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Hero position can be freely adjusted for the formation. If you find something you have to do, just do it. Don't be scare! With pokemon by your side, impossible is nothing. A hero wearing badge gets stronger. Dear trainer, let me tell you a secret on how to promote hero's battle power.

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I worked out some way to improve power, let me teach you how to improve yourself. Use the following item to get experience. Strong or weak character, that's merely what an ordinary people think. A real strong trainer should exert himself to help his tamed pokemon win. Join national tournament to be the strongest trainer.

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Traveling across the land, you are the best trainer, like no one ever best. Searching far and wide, you are going to teach them to understand the power that’s inside. Every challenge along the way, you will battle every day for your rightful place. Explore now! Adventure now!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: spend few diamonds to change name. Squad level up to level 20 to unlock auto battle mode. Casual and relaxing adventure can loot massive squad experience. Collect and train your team members There are no the most powerful but the most potential star in this magical world. Follow your heart and grow up yourself with them, let the wind whisper your legendary story.
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Tutorial Mega Adventure(wiki): If feels difficult - try to sweep. In battle, drag bench avatar to change substitution. Drag pokemon avatar to change the battle position in the squad interface. Rank up character to +5 to use the avatar of this pokemon. Short of gold? Go to find Meowth to exchange.
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