Cheats hack Mega Champions code: rainbow crystal, boost token, emblem, diamonds, luxury pack, gift codes Mega Champions Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Mega Champions hack android, ios code

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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Mega Champions Cheats
10000 rainbow crystal - use hack #KZL6sGwS6
10000 boost tokens - enter pass #PJ6ADxsGw
10 prayers emblem - #kDzi6EpHy
1000 diamonds - #YogCeWAh7
5 luxury pack - #QFCXv7Oec
God key - #oSS1BDzn2
1 Month Card code - #amJ7j7ld1
upgrade cheat - #9fhH3YIt5
39.99 USD Bundle - #ElmMm5sJW
reset heroes - #whXX5W2Np
secret combination - #IyL6YxQoZ
level up - #dMhSPI9Oc
materials - #WocOnpvRN
costumes - #M89VQyoA8
special reward - #OuDs70GcE
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Mega Champions Story
Your homeland has been invaded. Tap Diana to have her join the battle. It's dangerous to fight alone, tap Andrew to deploy him. Diana's fury meter is full. Tap her profile to unleash the ultimate. River is good at dealing with rearguard. Have River hunt down your enemies. Tap the auto icon to have your heroes unleash their power at their own discretion.
Hack Basics
We need to get stronger for the coming battles. Select Jacob's combat power has improved. He is a major backline damage dealer. It should be easy. Just tap level up button. You know how important gear is. Go ahead and get your characters equipped. You have empowered your team. Return to the battlefield to see your improvements.
Our squad has been assembled. Hopefully we can get to the castle before sunrise. Character is al level 10. level up one more time to reach a breakthrough. Reaching a breakthrough you will need to consume rainbow crystals, they can be obtained through idle or use cheat code.
Hint & Tips
1. Click the "!" button everywhere if your need guidance.
2. Gear quality shaded green or above can be upgraded through crafting. Tap the gear to see the details. Upgrading gear will consume other gears or gear boost tokens. Aside from materials, you will need gold. You can tap the icon to add in the components.
3. The Pure Fountain allows for the resetting, retiring, and reverting of heroes. Reset heroes will be returned as level 1 heroes along with all expended resources.
4. Glinting essence - a delightful soul hides within. Collect 60 of these to summon a random epic hero.
5. Cleanup - with the activation of the God key, most foes have been eradicated, but there yet linger some broken remnants of opposition within Provence. We must restore the order of the city as soon as possible.
City in Crisis
Dear brother, countless monsters have shown up in Aurelio and thrown the city into utter chaos. Please use cheats codes, hack tools menu - assemble a strong team of warriors with these supplies i have sent you. I'll be fending oof the enemy on the frontlines and leave Autelio in your capable hands. Father will be waiting for your return.
Spreading of war
The king has disappeared with the God key! Now that fighting has spread across the continent, your priority is to build up your power! At the altar of sages, you can summon powerful team members. Go try your luck once you have 2400 diamonds. I hope i'll see your team soon. At the trading hub, you can purchase supplies for your adventure. GO there when you're low on supplies.
Patch Version
Mega Champions Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date17 September 2020
Last Modified17 September 2020
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