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MEGA ROCKMAN X DIVE Game story: sorry if i scared you! You’re not dreaming. There is nothing wrong with your screen. This is the entrance to the cyberspace. We call it the “deep log”. It was just chance that you found the Deep log! We store game data here, and there’s a lot of memory storage, too. Memories of a precious gamer like you, having fun with games and loving them. How many games are there in the world? How many gamers? well, that’s how many deep logs there are. This right here is the data storage for the mega man X game you were just playing. This is your deep log. Let me explain the worldview a bit more. DOes it feel different from how it was just now?


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This Deep log contains precious information about the mega man X series. It’s been stored and managed like this for decades. After all this time, corruption and other problems have caused some program errors. The mega man X data nad the X3 data are having issues...But we don’t think it’s just corruption due to age. There must be a specific cause behind all of it. In order to recover the data, and to protect gamers’ precious memories, we’re going to have to come up with some solutions.

MEGA ROCKMAN X DIVE cheats, hack codes

There’s no time to lose. First, could you please restore the data for this stage? The hunter program i can currently call up is called “X”. Please use X to get rid of all the irregular data. Just getting rid of it, repairs it! It’s that mega man X stage you were just challenging yourself to, player! Press weapon button to attack. A long press on the attack button lets you go into an automatic mode that uses all the ammo you have left. In order to make the data repairs go faster, we keep doing research. That’s how we created the cyberspace’s unique system.
A normal jump wouldn’t have gotten you to the other side. You only need to tap the jump button again while jumping to active double jump.
Crouch to avoid the missile! The charge shot skill adds energy! After you tap the skill button, the shot starts automatically charging up. The more you charge, the stronger the shot. Even powerful irregular data gets wiped out in one shot. Press the dash button to get a burst of speed. Tap dash and slide to jump can be dash jump. Also, if you hold down the dash button, and drag your finger toward the jump button, you can do a dash jump. That’ll make your movement nimble and speedy! Holding down the jump button, then dragging your finger toward the weapon button makes it easy to do a jump attack. Remember not to pick up your finger. Just do “dash - jump - attack” in order to make quick progress! Doing it that way makes controlling your hunter program that much easier.

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Capsules help read mega man’s game data, and then instantiate it into equipment within the world. When a level has been cleared with 3 stars, skip dive tickets can be used to collect materials even faster. After the player level has been increased, various functions will be unlocked. Level up faster to experience eeven more benefits. K7guf3 - supply box
S4NrVE - treasure chest
E6zBT3 - multiplayer
AomoQI - vip status
516VNu - star tokens
Hack Ydy093 - artifacts
Cheat mFxgek - evade
5jR53E - elite ticket
3FTHew - exchange cheat code

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