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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Melon Hero Cheats
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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Melon Hero Basics
Congratulations, this hero is crying and crying and must join your team to serve you. Although he looks like he has a lot of hair, with the help of your divine power, he will definitely become bald and stronger.
The blacksmith shop, the materials obtained in the battle can be used to make equipment. But... i heard that the craftsmanship of the blacksmith here is not stable. Come in and see what equipment you can build.
1. You will get rich rewards for passing the levels.
2. Long press to view the card effect.
3. Tell you a little secret, you can quickly tap the screen to speed up hero.
4. When the elite monster appears, the melon boy will run away, you need to defeat it in one breath to pass the level.
Character menu - here you can manage the heroes you get, and can also put on equipment to strengthen their combat effectiveness. I know you want to try weapons, but don't worry, it would be better to find a helper. Altar - where you can recruit heroes from all time and space by spending diamonds. Spend diamonds or use cheats codes to summon heroes and have the opportunity to summon heroes with 3 stars, 4 star and 5 stars.
Melon Hero Town
Warehouse - everything you get in this world is here. Remember to lock the door. You can also quickly disassemble unnecessary equipment here. "secret base" - you have given it the power to detach from "time and space" so that it can appear in any corner of the world. Black marker - trade items such as pure white and flawless transactions. Idol - you can use your divine power points to upgrade your divine power, every time you strengthen, you will be closer to the heyday. Bonfire - the recruited heroes often gather here, and answer their doubts to get rewards.
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Melon Hero Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date13 September 2020
Last Modified13 September 2020
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