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Please give me access to view your map! I’m cheat-on! Welcome to MIB HQ! I’ll show you around. I want to be an agent too, but they don’t make suits in extra small. The first thing any agent needs is to suit up! We have black suits and, more black suits. Now we need to issue you a weapon - this is the standard issue for all rookie MIB agents! Put those enemies on ice!

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You gain levels as you defeat enemies. I’ll test you later. Think you have it in you? There’s enemy nearby! Next, you will enter battle. Please pay attention to the position of the target. It will move around to avoid your attack! Pay attention to your target alignment! The degree of sway depends on your weapon’s rarity and level. When the two circles overlap completely, you have perfect aim. better aim means more damage.

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The target’s attack ring - when it’s completely full, the alien will attack. Perfect shots can reduce your target’s attack frequency!
Aliens often hide in distortion fields. We need to scan to find the hidden alliens! Access your camera to scan for hidden aliens here!
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Vip subscription: detection range +33%; extra gems - everyday you come back you will get extra gems; extra energy - everyday you come back you will get extra weapon energy. Subscription is +12 per month after the 3 day free trial expires. Payments will be charged to your google play account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the ened current period.

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  • A cache may be activated once every 10 minutes.
  • Hero class: fighter, energy, marksmen, assassin, tank and support.
  • Weapon energy pods may be obtained from caches located on the map.
  • Use the advantage/disadvantage relation between the 5 types to achieve success.
  • Keeps your weapons filled with energy. Without energy, you cannot capture alies.

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  • Your team isn't powerful enough to defeat the opposition? Level up your agent. Or try a different team composition, factoring the advantage between different alien and weapon types.
  • Real world augmented reality MIB experience. Capture aliens in the real world. Turn based alien battles, choose your galactic weapon. Build your alien superteam.
  • Collect, upgrade, and evolve over 40 aliens from the MIB universe! From Neeble to Edgar, each alien has their own unique abilities and characteristics!

Men in Black Global Invasion tutorial

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Lizardy - if you took a Moppy and replaced its fuzzy hair with what looks like an unshelled sea tortoise, you get this weird species. A mutation on the Moppy home world, evolving through exposure to toxic gases.
Pawny - loyal to a fault, the Pawns of a chess-like race of aliens will sacrifice themselves for the queen at any cost - even if it’s in the most painful way possible. Keep them in checkmate with your best weapons.
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