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Mentors cheat world: the hour is late. The forest, dark. And the caravan is slow. A solitary lantern leads through the dense fog. The night grows quiet. The only sound is the squeal of axles and fall of hooves.
Your first enemy is in front of you. Move closer to attack by tapping on the highlighted square. To attack the boar with fire strike tap on the spell icon. The yellow bar indicates minimum damage while the orange one shows the maximum damage that may be inflicted.

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To confirm use of an ability, tap on the enemy's location one more time. Skip the rest of your turn by tapping the hourglass icon. Long range heroes can't attack adjacent targets. Step away from the enemy by at least one square. The enemy has used attack of opportunity. It triggers every time a hero backs away from or walks past close range enemies. Restore sorceress' health = tap on the potions icon. The counter under the potion window indicates the number of potions available to a hero in this arena.

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Tap twice on an enemy to perform a fast attack with a hero's basic skill. Your group consists of heroes. Combine their unique skills to defeat your enemies. Find your current objectives in the arena's goal window. Long tap on the skill icon to open its description. To find information about a hero's damage, or positive and negative skill effects, tap on the hero's name at top of the screen.

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World map - you have only discovered the city of Khorim so far. Tap on the city's image. Characters who are marked with exclamation points have active quests. The first play through of each quest must be played at a basic difficulty level. Once the arena is complete, it becomes available at harder difficulties and offers better rewards. To enter battle tap the start battle button.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can browse and equip new items in your inventory menu. To open the inventory, tap on any of the hero icons. When you start play this war game, you will face logic puzzles - use your mind to solve problems. Developed artificial intelligence of opponents might challenge you. But you are not afraid, right? The story is so entertaining and what’s even better it is in English. And you can get this tactical turn-based fantasy absolutely for free.
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Tutorial Mentors (wiki): Make decisions using the top view in the game and as a bonus see your characters in third person view. Colorful battles are better to manage with a dynamic camera in the fight against one monster, but when there are several of them you will need a top view. Because Mentors is a still tactical role-playing strategy, the third person view in the RPG 3D game is more than just a pleasant bonus. You will be satisfied with this free role play story game for 100%!
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