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The cat folks and other races lived peacefully for generations. One day, an evil dragon came and burned down towns and villages. Spreading darkness and turning creatures into vicious monsters. Three legendary heroes banded together in the time of crisis. They united the races and fought to reach the dragon.
The monster hordes were scattered, the evil dragon was defeated and peace restored.

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Controls: drag to the right to advance. Tap to make normal attack. Mountain breaker can repel enemies. Use sword storm to combo! I saw you dealt with some monsters on the way. Today i will teach you a new skill: roar - shaken enemies with a roar and inflict stun for 2 seconds. Tri cut - slash at enemies from three directions. Mountain breaker - leap into the air and smash down on the ground. Those coconut head monsters were giving you trouble before. Now you can try out your new skill on them! Clear elven plain normal stage.

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Slide to evade boss skill! Use the EX skill to devastate enemies. Bell from village Neko said monster attacks are becoming more frequent. I think you are ready for some field trainings. Take the flyboat and happy hunting! Use charm to temporarily transform into Athena, as the legendary general, her defense is unmatched.
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I have to apologize for my attitudes earlier. You are young but there is no doubt you are very capable in battles. I believe we can deal with the Werewolf King with your help. Growth tasks will support you with plenty of rewards as you get stronger.

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  • Mount evolve - superior skills and more impressive!
  • Leader fashion clothes - dress up and stand out from the crowd.
  • Dash can be used in both attacking and evading.
  • When fighting bosses, dodge attacks while waiting for skill cooldown.
  • Use the button at the top right corner to switch between auto and manual battle.

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  • Complete 7 days quests to get Bells, gems, energy.
  • Don't miss out on the periodical free hero summons.
  • Heroes' rarity and growth from high to low SSSR>SSR>SR>R>N. Rarity will not change.
  • Summon 10 more times for a guaranteed SSR or better hero!
  • Brand new world, challenge big boss, rich game characters, happy fight together.

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