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Hey! On behalf of the "Ted Creative Solutions" I'm happy to greet you in this marvelous...Who are you? And why do you look like my gdandson Ted? I'm your PARTNER now! Do not forget that! And couldn't we meet at some other place? I need a conference room with a notebook, a flipboard and a projector! You'll get everything you need here! You just need to sort out these boxes, because there is no room for this...board-thing of yours...Oh no, it's time to go to spa, otherwise my therapist will finish me off and I won't live to see a hundred! Hm, maybe it's god that no one can see what a creative director is doing on his first day at work...

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hack Merge Hotel Family Story Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Let's play. Tap any item to see information about it here! What a mess! Let's merge these parts to make more room. We can clean up muddy parts by merging them. Try to merge these two! A box of tools! Maybe there's something in there we can use. Tap it to find out! Maybe there's something in there we can use. Tap to see that stuff in the box! A glove! If we find a pair, we'll clean up the mess more comfy! If we merge it once again they will be safer! We found a mighty pair! Let's take this blockage apart! Done with that!

cheat Step #2: Well, the investor whi will be watching your presentation with me. He is going to be here in two days! Tap to extract items or MERGE to create Next level Toolbox! MERGE to create next level Drawer's Part! Tap to extract items or MERGE to create Next level Toolbox!

code Step #3:Oh, what's this? Hm, maybe I should try this on...This dirty work won't do any good to my limited collection shirt. Am I wrong or I've just demoted myself? Time to focus and bring this place in order. Your presentation should rock! Look what we found! Touch the suitcase to find out what's in it!

Merge Hotel Family Story Step #4: Pink Chest - Wonderful suitcase full of useful and rare items! Brown Chest - Opening the chest. You can open it now by using gems!

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    offline manager - #aW3qvupXV
  • Hammer - MERGE to create next level item - Nippers! Nippers - to create next level item - Screwdriver! A Suitcase - They take a while to open up, so best start on it now.
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