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You must be the Spirit Keeper I've heard so much about! Everything is going to be ok now that you're here. You're not the Spirit Keeper? No, the Spirit Keeper is the only one with this kind of energy. You must have lost your memories. Let me help you! First, move the spore and merge them all together. You're merging three of the same resource. Now it's a sprout! That's something only you, the Spirit Keeper, can do. Should we try these, too? Now please move the sprout and turn it into a flower. Now it's my turn! We can collect Healing Essence from Healing Flowers. Now, tap the Healing Essence. The butterflies will purify the island! See? The Polluted Land is purified! But we still need more Healing essence. Healing Essence can be acquired from Healing Flowers. Tap twice on the Healing Flower. Or you can drag me onto the Healing Flower. Merge Healing Essence to make it more effective. Now, tap to let the butterflies fly away. Look over here! The butterflies found someplace we used to hang out! Remember? We used to wait here while our friends were on adventures. But now it's destroyed... Tap the lighthouse on your right. Don't worry! We can restore it with a Healing Flower. Tap the button to place it. Now tap the Restore button to restore the lighthouse with the power of the Spirit Keeper.

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hack Merge Kuya Island Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): The lighthouse lights up the sky so any adventuring kuya can return safely. We can safely set out on an adventure thanks to the lighthouse! Now, let's hurry and find our kuya friends. Kuya power increases when you have more kuya. Make 1 Healing Flower of Hope(s). Clear the main goal to complete the adventure. No one's around...But there are a lot of sprouts and flowers over here. I think the Island Master was right. There's still hope! I have an idea for how these flowers can help us! Everyone will know that the Spirit Keeper is back when they see flowers all over the island. Oh, I almost forgot! You can tap the big star to see our adventure's goal. You remember, right? Merging spores will turn them into sprouts. Shall we get started? Good! Now merge the remaining resources. Thank you! We're reached our goal here. Now let's move on to the next island.

cheat Step #2: A 5-merge is better than 3-merge! Other islands are polluted just like ours! Merge sprouts to purify the Polluted Land. You remember how you merged Healing Flowers to level up them? You can merge them even if they're on polluted land. I knew you could do it, Spirit Keeper! Great job. Please keep purifying polluted land. Celery Ku left a letter! I guess she didn't go too far. Thank goodness. I hope I'll see her on the next island. Tap and hold a resource to see how many of the same resource you />
code Step #3:Celery Ku might be trapped in that house! Let's hurry and purify the island! We have to rescue Celery Ku! We need Healing Flowers. Let's merge these sprouts to make a Healing Flower. You remember we need Healing Essence to purify Polluted Land, right? Tap twice on the Healing Flower to collect from it. Wow, look at this, Spirit Keeper! There are 5 spores here! You can merge 5 to get 1 extra! You don't need my help any longer, I guess. Purify the rest of the island, and save Celery Ku!

Merge Kuya Island Step #4: Don't be upset, Celery Ku! The Spirit Keeper is back now. Let's all go back to the island. Place spores on the ground. They'll turn into sprouts with time. Now, let's purify the island together! There are 3 noms here. A kuya will be born when you merge them! When you have more kuya, your Kuya Power increases and more Dirty Land can be unlocked. Merge the Onion Noms to met a new kuya!

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  • Each kuya has a special power. We call it Kuya Power! When kuya are merged, your Kuya Power increases and you can unlock Dirty Land. Tap to Unlock Dirty Land.
  • Let's get rid of all this dirty stuff and purify the island. We can destroy the factory if we work together. Just as expected from the Spirit Keeper! Keep up the good work! You'll need Healing Flowers to purify the island from now on. Tap the lighthouse to get Healing Sprouts. You can collect Healing Sprouts every 5 minutes. The island will be purified as you merge Healing Sprouts to create Healing Flowers. Let's merge the sprouts to make a Healing Flower.
  • Now add materials to level up the house. We can do this thanks to you, Spirit Keeper. You purified the island a lot. When the level is higher, more kuya can nap at the same time and the nap length gets shorter. Then, they can restore their stamina faster. No need to hurry. You can level up any time you have enough materials.
  • Collect or tap to harvest Grapes. Sometimes fruit tree seeding can be acquired! Merge or collect to get Small Coin. It can be found on the grapevine. See that sparkly Coin? Tap to collect and use them to buy things at the shop. Or you can merge them to make even bigger Coins.
  • Need more noms? Let's buy some from the shop! Tap the gold square to unlock it. Noms or resources can be purchased at any time using Coins.
  • You know the neighboring islands are also polluted, right? Let's set out on an adventure and purify other islands, too. We might be able to find other kuya there. Complete an adventure to receive its rewards. This island's giving out lumber! You need Energy to go on an adventure. Don't worry. I'll charge up as you rest on our island.
  • Drag a kuya over a resource to collect or start building. Glittering Healing Essence resource received.
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