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Merge Mon cheat world: let me explain how to breed monsters first. Click the button below. When you click hack button a level 1 monster will show up in a random location on a board. When you merge your monsters, they will go up in a waiting line and be summoned to the battlefield based on their summoning time. Blocks can be moved up, down, left, and right. Try merging the puzzles well if you want to make your monsters stronger.

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Let me explain how to use the summoning book. When you can't merge monsters on a board anymore, you can use the summoning book. Select the monster from the board below. When you list your monsters in a summoning book, you can summon them by clicking the summoning book skill located in the lower left. You can list your monsters for free, but you need to use gems to bring them back to board or put them into your inventory, so be careful.

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Let's put your monsters back to the board! Normally you need to spend your gems, but hack do it for free. You can use your summoning book when you can't merge them anymore or want to make your own creative monsters. Create strong monsters and complete against other players in the world. When you reinforce your monster, your reinforce level goes up. Reinforce rubygrades your monster's health and attack damage. Reinforce your monster when the game gets too difficult.

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When a monster on the board long touch you can view the detailed information. Each stage is consisted of 10 waves. When you can't clear all 10, you'll restart back at 1 wave. Awakening can be done when you reach level 200. After awakening, you will go back to level 1.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: merge your monsters with simple puzzles. Create stronger monsters. Make your own heroes and battle against other users. Who will be the strongest in the league? Reach to the top in ranked league games and get rewards! Make your monsters stronger with rewards!

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