Cheats hack Merge Pixel Farm code: sasha pack, auto merge, gems, coins, premium pets codes Merge Pixel Farm Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Merge Pixel Farm hack android, ios code

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Hack Merge Pixel Farm: cheat List
Shasha pack - use hack X70iuaOjB
auto merge - enter pass 45KuiSX5V
gems x1000 - zgnLWl3Qd
premium pets - RToNzaW7B
game speed x20 - PXAyklHSd
booster - DYtOCymaC
Month Card x1 code - B7XlRyKOK
upgrade cheat - qGVAj3Z5C
off ads - zQEH0Lrh1
daily gift bag x10 - XKH7gSeOf
secret combination - 6XUVoWNIt
level up - FKYuAB1XG
happy coins event - h4xxlNPTV
instant open - wWUVMXcQI
special reward - n61u8S2o4
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Game Story
Hi, i'm the farm owner. You're my new partner. I look forward to working with you! First, let me tell you about this farm. You can purchase chickens by pressing buttons at the store. If you merge identical chickens, a new checkin will be created. Drag and merge! Chickens cna earn coins from their nests. Drag the unit and move it to its nest. Eggs are moving along the conveyor belt and pilling up in the box. Click on the box to collect the coins.
Merge Pixel Farm Hack Basics
There is a secret about this farm. You can reincarnate when you reach a target level. When you reincarnate, you can choose a skill and take your farm to the next level.
A mysterious egg appeared on the farm. It seems like eggs take some time to hatch. Check it out later. I'll give you gems, so let's expand the fence! Fence expansion - the maximum number of chickens increases by 1. Now, more units can fit inside the fence.Alright then, let's take good care of the farm until we reach our next goal.
Hint & Tips
1. Decorate the farm by visiting the newly opened deco store and pet store.
2. Improvement in egg quality - the price of eggs increases.
3. Chicken price discount - discount on unit purchase price.
4. Use cheats: sasha pack, auto merge, gems, coins, premium pets and etc.
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Merge Pixel Farm Redeem gift code
1. DiKv9850Lx1gFKR
2. d40LlvHGG06jvC4
3. PXBkv7q0nXbOaqq
4. MergWOo27q7SRj8
5. Sbtn1t9cLtYW3gw
Released BySolarios
CategoryCheats codes
Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date30 September 2020
Last Modified30 September 2020
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