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Is someone here? hello? Have you been reading fairy tales? When people stopped reading our tales the fog came. I’m a still a bit sleepy - but hooray! You can help clear the fog! I’ll freshen up while you start growing a candy tree. Hey, cavities don’t exist in fairy tales!
You did it! And without any help...from a big pointy finger, great!
Sorry, i nearly forgot to introduce myself. I’m sleeping beauty.

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Welcome to the Fairytale kingdom! Luckily, i have insomnia, so i can show you around. The fog spread as people stopped reading fairy tales and everyone else was put to sleep. I’ve been waiting for someone like you to help clear it away!
Look, gnomes! They smell a bit like mulch, but they’re very industrious and probably know what happened to the candy garden.

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I’ll tell you what the fum heck happened. The fog came and put everybody to sleep. Now it’s up to us to save the Fairy kingdom!
What happened? The candy garden is ruined. it’s not the fairy kingdom anymore. Together we can rebuild it even in better condition!
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Hey, look at the hairbrush. I know someone who is quite keen on hair products! If we find more we can see who else was taken by the fog!Heroes:
Sleeping beauty - cursed to sleep for 100 years, now suffers from insomnia, and not even the fog could put her to sleep.

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  • Chests may contain useful stuff. The bigger chests have greater rewards.
  • Produce orders for characters to earn wands and gold.
  • Merge magic pieces! Cook delicious meals! Create a fairy kingdom! Meet fairy heroes and renovate your kingdom.
  • Complete puzzles by matching to merge – make a house a palace or even bigger!

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  • Use codes - earn rubies, energy, sweets, wands and any more.
  • Collect like resources to build up the town. With some help from hard-working gnomes, of course.
  • MERGE to make baskets, mirrors, and underwater valuables for heroes of the kingdom

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