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Cheat Merlin and Merge Mansion hack android, ios code

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Hack Merlin and Merge Mansion: cheat List
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gems x1000 - x02osVoS9
unlimited moves - Prj3ngPNQ
hearts x5 - JSzDXZIvr
Month Card x1 code - x69NwiJQK
upgrade cheat - vkztkfrtP
off ads - yY1dqa8Tg
weekly gift bag x10 - GidrwLcpq
secret combination - 1LbHJvKDy
level up - QxQU65aNR
open location - 9UUDfOdfT
booster pack - i2KTySXSI
get bonus - wIFnqb5TQ
gold coins x10000 - 0thtIONzP
special reward - 0Nn3Tzlyx
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Finally, we're back in the cloud Mansion! But what happened here? The magic tree is dead! The furniture in this mansion is magic, we can merge it and get some mana. And we can use mana to activate ancient crystals and lift the curse.
There's someone in the cage. We need to release this poor creature. But first we must activate the Crystal and we now have enough mana for it. Tap on the crystal - lift the curse. Tap on the cage, then tap on OPEN button to release the prisoner.
Merlin and Merge Mansion Hack Basics
Match 3 chairs to merge them and get a better item. Keep matching items to get enough mana. Double tap on a box to make creature carry it to the mansion. You can tap on the creature to make it move faster. Every creature can make 3 actions before getting tired. Let's bring 2 more boxes. After spending all energy creatures go to the lighthouse and rest there. Let's open it. Give little mage a candy - it will give her some energy.
Hint & Tips
1. Creatures bring furniture. Merging furniture gives mana. Mana activates crystals. We should always keep creatures busy to progress.
2. There are powerful magic gems, but how do we solve the puzzle? We just need to move one of them so they are 3 in a row.
3. We have 3 baby mages and can upgrade. Open creatures menu - merge mages to level 2. Higher level creatures bring higher level items. Level 2 creature will bring level 2 items and so on.
4. "!" - there are finished quests and handsome rewards for them.
5. You have enough gems to buy a lucky eggs. Buying eggs is the best way to get more creatures.
Some of your creatures have free energy points. Tap on the furniture boxes to make creatures bring them to the mansion. We need keys to open the door. Four matches give you magic scrolls. You can use magic scrolls by moving them or by tapping twice on them. Play levels and complete quests to buy eggs. Collect furniture and merge furniture to get mana and activate crystals. Merge creatures to get better items from the furniture boxes and more mana.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date27 September 2020
Last Modified27 September 2020
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