New passwords september 2022: 10x draw - MB011Slo7 recruit x 10 - u5kk5WgO9 voucher - Hn0mfpnio Sweet party: its cute appearance makes the soldiers on both sides put down their weapons and play with it. Rumor has it that the bear cub loves bandy. Commander, please not that the bear cub won't stay there forever. desert gold rush (gold & merit) - 1qKGewR9z tough trial (unit EXP and merit) - kMvRB9fca munitions esport (basic gear) - iWAzuuOKZ HP souvenir - sHjjuqZy5 ATK souvenir - DVgIsIXz5 DEF souvenir - i68knmItg How to get Momento of war gear? Use code - GsPQ6B5gJ EXECELENTES PREMIOS - s0FjpA0qc Bloodshed arena win - w9QWIlRd1

Cheat Metal Slug Commander hack android, ios code

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Hack Metal Slug Commander cheat code List

friendship - use hack oTPCKisJf
legendary hero - enter pass uY5SvmSm0
recruit x10 - 9S76jEFXz
gold - srwMK2CcT
gems - XmESOZF8Z
honor medals - KWc6BUqge
Month Card x1 - rkHWTnaC3
upgrade - 5U7gwpksy
daily gift bag x10 - rngGgbi61
secret combination code - 0DG8sm079
donation package - fKZ3ocOIc
bonus booster - caC6eQhdc
beginner’s pack - mt5UGeb0O
promotion - NnpQ3l7Sb
retired - iutNjoiEu
resources - 0btqIxk3x
monthly limited pack - tETIUWPFw
How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
It’s been years since the war against the rebel army and space invaders. The earth has a brief peace. The wounds of war is being healed by people’s hard work, and the memory of war is fading away. However, in order to get the new energy. To prevent the rebel army from occupying the new energy and threatening the whole world, the regular army sent two sent two soldiers to the battlefield. AIf Morgen got the new energy, no one knows what he will do. We must stop him.
Hello, commander! I am AI -hear, and i will be your guide. This is urgent. Please "challenge” to come to the battlefield.
Hack Basics
Tap the avatar of unit standby to deploy in battle. After energy is full, you can tap on the unit avatar to unleash an ultimate skill. Now, tap to unleash unit's ultimate skill to exterminate the enemy. Files show that Trevor is a long range DPS unit, please deploy it to the rear of SV-001, staying behind the tank. After a certain period, the team will obtain a large number of resources. There is an upper limit for resource storage. Please collect resources in time to avoid any loss; otherwise, i will take the excess part. Now move to the unit center, and distribute resources to the frontline warriors.
Metal Slug Commander Hint & Tips
1. You can spend gold and unit EXP for a level upgrade. The level affects basic stats. You can also long press the upgrade icon for a fast upgrade.
2. Considering various combat environments, the headquarters has designed 4 kings of gear slots. First, select weapon slot. Tap gear, equip the weapon obtained. If you use equip all, AI will automatically equip the most powerful gear available.
3. In addition, we have a prepared complete series of assessment quests for you, and there will be ultra rare units when all tests are finished.
4. Actively acquire the same unit, promote them to a higher military rank. The extra common unit can be decommissioned to trade for extra resource! Spend a very low amount to get all training resources returned!
Metal Slug Commander Camp
Tap the upper left corner hack tools menu to view the faction bonus. Great stats bonus will be presented for forming a faction fetter. Here, you can view the counter relation among factions. Proper use of cheat code could be a key to victory.
For unit resetting, you can spend a mall number of gems or use cheat code to return all resources for cultivation. When the unit retires, you can exchange the combatant for resources, and they cannot be retrieved once retired. Reseting units will return the initial unit and all training resources. Free for resetting units under level 100. Retire units will return ample honor medals and all training resources. Only normal units can be retired. Other units can be used for promotions.

Metal Slug Commander Hack tools Version

Mode: 1.6.1. Game pass: On. Administration panel - login: admin; password: qunhuang.
Metal Slug Commander Redeem gift code
1. 39OcWVLNVo67Iko
2. 7fuAw2j2pVG7ddp
3. Uh9cPxXCFlDDf9z
4. iX5ZG8H9KvSVop2
5. zVSwcAzYfrGsfiO
Released BySolarios
CategoryCheats codes
Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date29 October 2020
Last Modified07 September 2022
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