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Metal Soldier cheat world: human civilization was destroyed after the doomsday war. Only leave this world full of robbers and monsters. Fortunately, the profession of bounty hunters has arisen.
Battle: the chariot has three kinds of weapons: the main cannon, the sub cannon, and the missile. You need to use the right weapon to win. There are more infantry in the other side, so the missile is selected to defeat the enemy infantry first. Next, we deal with the chariot.

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The main cannon is fit for single target. We use it to attack enemy chariot. Use skill - is very simple, which is to cause a lot of fire damage. A reasonable match between the vehicle and driver is the key to win. Chariot attack = attack + basic attack. Chariot will use skill of same effect as character. They influence each other and form a whole battle.

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If the chariot is killed, the driver will be killed as well. So be careful even if you own the powerful armor. There ae some skills about sub cannon using. Sub cannon is a multiple attack on a single person, the shield used to break the target exactly. Defense - dramatically reduce the damage, restore a spot of vitality and ammunition. Chariots and weapons are not fit for the poor, there must be someone behind you. using a fax can quickly return to the last resident town to avoid unnecessary battles.

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Different equipment will have different effects on the appearance of the tank's attributes, replacing the equipment according to the battle. Hired repair tent - used in non combat state. Restore the vitality of all members, consume 500 gold.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: The basic skill of a hunter to complete a task is to track the objectives. Do you find the "task" button in the upper left corner of the screen? You can view the information inside and track the target. You have started task tracking? next, do you find arrow in front of the chariot? This arrow is always pointing to the target. Try to follow the arrow to find the target.

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Tutorial Metal Soldier (wiki): description: classic rpg land war. Map exploration rich plot. Modified chariot free combination. Reloaded chariot stimulating experience. Role and chariot double war system.

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