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After a war of unprecedented scale in the history. The world became a land with exhausted resources and scorched dirt. But the war never ends on this wasteland. The plutonians are more rampant, villages of innocents are getting destroyed, we must do something. We should upgrade the vehicle to increase our power.
We have escaped the Plutonian’s territory, we are safe for now. Explore the surrounding area to make sure we are safe. The area around us is covered in for, build a watchtower or use cheats to clear it.

Metal Knight Survivor hack

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Our Sand Marine is shrouded by the dangerous fog. To unlock radar station, we need to upgrade the command center first. It’s dangerous to rush into the fog hastily. I suggest enhancing our defense power first. We need some more troops. Build a camp to train the soldiers. Let’s start with striker camp. I’ll take a while fog the probe to finish the exploration of the area. We must enhance our power during this period.

Metal Knight Survivor cheats, hack codes

To rebuild our fleet, we need more vessels. A new captured vessel is the key to survival. Talent: rapid march - increase marching speed while attacking bandits. Bloodthirst - enter into bloodthirst after starting a military action. Shield items cannot be used during the effect. Peace shield - protects your base from attacks or scouts for 24 hours.
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Dear captains, we’re about to commence the ultimate captain competition, divided into several stages. All participants will receive numerous rewards, and the #1 captain gets the extra bonus rewards: guild coin, rank 4 box, king, water, speedup.
You can explore and protect the kingdom in free quest. There will be other parties running about doing missions too, and the rewards you receive will depend on how many others are around.

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11 S8QCv4 gear pack

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Cheat ys2aP4 - evade
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