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Free hack Metalborne Mech Combat cheats code list - gold, funds, weapons, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Metalborne Mech Combat cheat world: we're live Chief! Don't worry if you aren't sure what you're doing, i'll assist you. Your mech will make short work of infantry. Drag your finger over them to discharge your direct fire weapons. For certain enemies, your mech takes advantage of highly advanced targeting systems. Drag your finger across drones to lock-on. YOur mech will handle the rest. Turrets will tear a mech apart if you're not careful. Tap the highlighted object to take cover and reduce incoming damage.

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For the larger targets, we have something really special. Double tap on turret to focus fire. Try hacking enemy weapons to gain the upper hand. Tap bottom to enter hack mode. Try disabling the other weapons by spending hack points or exit hack mode to continue the fight. We have acquired enough resources (materials and funds) to add a new mech to your fireteam.

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Your mech piloting skills will only get us so far, we're also going to need resources to invest in mech upgrades and district defenses. Let's set up a foundry to help get our economy up and running. We've placed a mech on the bridge to defend your HQ, once you gain access to some new mechs you can return here and swap it out.

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Supplies and shipments are tracked in the warehouse. The hangar holds the corporation's collected mechs and the facilities to improve them. The headquarters building is the core of the base, upgrading it will allow the other base buildings to be upgraded too. The district outside the HQ will contain buildings for resourcesrating and storing our resources. Let's get things set up and install some defences. Make sure your district is well defended by placing squads at key locations.

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