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Free hack Mia Online cheats code list - gold, merit, legendary hero, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Mia Online cheat world: heroes are awakened from slumber to save the world and reclaim peace against the dark forces seeking to corrupt the land. Embark on a journey, choose your class and complete your quests. battle your way to the top of the ranks. Unlock your full potential and rpove your strength against other heroes. Your nation calls! Fight your way to supremacy and lead your nation to victory! Gather your friends and allies. Teamp up, join a guild, form alliances because war is inevitable. Be the wrath of light against the darkness. Heroes, your adventure begins now!

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With unimaginable power, the God of Earth created the world of MIA - elves and humans alike. However, the Dark angel Gadriel, has corrupted all of this creation from the darkness. he emerged with the ring of dark power. With the world in chaos, surviving angels, called upon the sacred tree to light the new world. The new age of Mia begins with you.

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Perhaps, only Merlin town had the foot of Nazogo, can match the new town built below the cliff. The magic energy on the scroll seems familiar.
Military rank - consume merit and requisition order to raise your military rank. You can inflict extra damage on lower ranked player.

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Consume skill book and coin to strengthen your skill damage and effect. It's one of the ways to enhance your CP. HP increase skill is located at the top of the class skills, use it wisely and you will feel godlike! Skill: Annihilation - causing a huge area mob within the center of self 500% damage (no effective against players).

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: changing gear will not affect the upgrade level. Use the upgrade all button to enhance all the gear. YOu may activate gem master by embeding gems for a chance to get extra stats. DOn't forget to transfer the washed stats to new gear when you change gear!
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Tutorial Mia Online(wiki): Consume coin to strengthen your gears and stats. You'll gain extra stats as refine master. A melodist has a lot of buff skills for the team, please cherish all the efforts of a melodist. The quality of gears from low to high is: white, green, blue, purple and orange.
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