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Cheat Might & Magic Dynasty hack android, ios code

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Hack Might & Magic Dynasty: cheat List
exclusive pack x10 - use hack GYeL8Ryqd
gathering speed +100% - enter pass MXZS2Yy2h
speed up - JSX2iOxIU
resources x1,000,000 - euRvUi0iW
technologies upgrade - fZiPwB23g
restore stamina - zd4Y2jz1L
Month Card x1 code - pSOq1hIUq
upgrade cheat - 7pI69LsrV
daily gift bag x10 - WWE2mXI9Z
secret combination - lwUAzCqG4
level up - yyOIl4aLX
extra marching queue - Oi5BLsUPK
Beginner bundle - pnZ4e0bZI
gems x1000 - dDt5wXzxC
Vip 15 status - jqUWuN80y
talent points x20 - 5XwMclnH8
artifact - fOAjffPvE
tokens x50 - 1uJwT4o7g
Dragon coins x2000 - zRNAgM1vx
special reward - liScBu7WS
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Game Story
You are sent from the capital Talonguard to stop the troubles on Agyn and reinstate a real empire presence on the peninsula. You are accompanied by Sir Christian who longer for adventure again after months of idleness. His knowledge and skills as a general will be useful to you.
Please hurry, a group of crossbowmen is currently under attack! But the path to them is blocked by hellish creatures.
Might & Magic Dynasty Hack Basics
Sentinels are the foundation of our military force, please deploy them into the battlefield. Tapping a creature's portrait will automatically deploy troops to the battlefield.
Position in the battlefield is very important. Put Sentinels in the center then you can flexibly use them to support other units and attack enemies.
Crossbowmen are ranged units. This bridge is full of waste, no good for us to march quickly. How about we ambush here do a sniper attack. Let's adjust the deployment, please withdraw the infantry and leave the best position for crossbowmen to shoot from distance. Tapping a creature's portrait will deploy the creature to the battlefield.
Hint & Tips
1. By gathering on the world map, you can acquire lots of resources and ensure your castle develops quickly.
2. Each creature has different abilities. use them well for a unique tactical experience.
3. Event can provide you with the rewards you want.
4. During the expedition stages, you can get creatures to join you and obtain equipment.
5. Every time we defeat an enemy, we get population and loot. With population,we can train new heroes.
6. You can expand your territory and gain more benefits by constructing guild banners and shrines.
Might & Magic Dynasty Buildings
My Lord, the fire has been put out, but some building are badly damaged and smoke is still rising. Besides, there are many wounded in the city, please make it a priority to repair the medical tent and let the wounded receive treatment. Tap the icon above the medical tent to collect the recovered soldiers.
The mine outside the city has been damaged by fire, we need to clear those ruins now to resume production. Gold is necessary for developing the city as well as training our soldiers. Please give your world to allow us to build a gold mine on the gold vein near the city. A strong wall helps improve our defense - please command to strengthen the wall.
Some rebels took advantage of the chaos and fled the castle, taking over the mountains and the countryside. We need to build the expedition hall to discuss tactics and eliminate the enemies at the least cost.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date01 October 2020
Last Modified01 October 2020
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