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Basics: acquired units will land on your Bench. But only the units located on the board will join the battle. Drag units from the Bench to the Board. Build your army before the countdown ends. Pro tip: make sure your most resistant units are placed on the frontline.
Battle: Each round will put you against a random player opponent. Both your armies will fight to death automatically. The victorious player will deal 1 damage to its opponent.

Might & Magic Chess Royale hack

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Next to your avatar are your health points. Reaching 0 HP means you’re out. Interface tip: the damage of the current round is always displayed below the countdown. Units: if you own 3 versions of the same unit, it will automatically merge into a 2-stars unit. Every unit belongs to a faction and to a specific class. Units belonging to the same faction or class will build synergies when fighting together on the Board. Note that placing the exact same unit twice will not increase the synergy levels. Click on a synergy icon to display the specs of a synergy.

Might & Magic Chess Royale cheats, hack codes

Synergies: fortress, haven, necropolis, stronghold, sylvans, dungeon, spirit, warrior, guardian, mage, assassin, dragon. Fortress - 10% chance to earn 1 extra gold after a kill.
Economy: Your earn gold at the end of every round. Gold can come from different sources: you will always earn +5 gold per turn, and then additional gold as you survive: +2 when you make it to top 99, +4 for top 50, +6 for top 10. You will also earn a slayer bonus of +3 if you finish an opponent off.
Xp level: leveling up grants you two advantages:
- more units can be placed on the Board.
- rarer units will appear in the shop.
Might & Magic Chess Royale wiki
You get +1 XP for free at the end of every round. You can purchase additional XP with gold if you want to level up faster.
Spells: reaching the top 99 will grant you access to the spell shop. Spells act as passive bonuses. They can also be purchased by other players, so get the ones you want before they get taken by others! Spells are only active for a limited amount of round but you can spend gold to extend their duration and increase their powers.

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