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Hello there! I’ve heard about you. Let’s see what you’re really made of. Now, show me what you can do! Pick a card and drag it to the battlefield. Minions need one turn to start attacking. Hold it to see its description. Characters need one turn to start attacking. End turn - tap here to end your round. Use the hero ability to deal damage to the enemy.

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Cast a defensive spell on your minions to buff it. Soldiers will automatically attack the targets in front.
Shop - here you can buy mrestore health card packs and gems. A deck must contain 30 cards. You can drag cards manually or simply tap on auto button.
Each hero has three unique skills. Magic missile - deal 2 damage. Implosion - deal damage randomly split between all enemies. Fire arrows - deal damage to a random enemy soldier and 1 damage to the ones nearby.

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Mighty Heroes hack credits
Minions: Enchanted bunny - moves to a random slot whenever an enemy minion is summoned in front.
Gnome Cultist - heal a friendly character by 3.
Mana Eater - gains +1/+1 whenever the opponent casts a spell.
Battlefield priest - end your turn: heal nearby characters by 2.
Strauk-iks - whenever your hero gets damage, deal the same damage to enemy hero.
Jessira - whenever this soldier attack, deal 4 damage to other enemies.
The amount of mana to use increases each turn, up to a maximum of 10.
Mighty Heroes wiki
Battlecry - special effect when summoned from your hand. Summoning gate - summon a random elemental. Protection - protect from the next incoming damage. Rush - can attack the turn it’s summoned. Holy order - move a minion and draw a card.

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Mighty Heroes

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • If you run out of missions, come back tomorrow for a new one!
  • Mana potion card is treated as a spell card. It's given to the player that goes second.
  • Even the weakest minions can protect you from damage.
  • A deck containing only legendary cards is not necessarily better than the one with multiple card varietes.
  • Most minions can only be completed in PvP mode

Mighty Heroes tips
Hack cheats tutorial Mighty Heroes(wiki):
  • You can collect mrestore health rewards for finishing daily missions and achievements.
  • Collection - here you can find all the cards you've collected. You can also create or destroy cards you don't need (tap on a card you want to create or destroy).
    At the bottom you can see how much dust you need to create a card or how much you'll get if you destroy it.
  • Dust can be collected from hack cheats, destroying cards, special offers, and free rewards menu.

Mighty Heroes tutorial

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