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Free hack Mighty Puzzle Heroes cheats code list - stamina, speed up, gold, promo ticket, ascend, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Mighty Puzzle Heroes cheat world: warning, the enemy raids, please lead us to fight. According to the arrow prompt, drag the troops to the designated position and release, and the lateral, vertical and oblique direction for more than 3 identical units can reach the merge condition. Units that meet the merge conditions will be summoned to the battlefield while producing a higher level unit on the sand table.

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You can swap the troops in any two positions. Try to follow the prompts. Each exchange will consume 1 action point. When the action point is 0, the battle begins. it is also possible to consume 1 action point to directly drag the troops on the sand table to the battlefield. The action poin is a limited. Try to recruit more troops and win through continuos elimination. There seems to be a hidden evil force behind the enemy. Before they come back, we should build camps and strengthen military training as soon as possible.

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We need resources to expand our base, click on the free plot to build a mine. Click to boost and complete the build upgrade immediately. In order to ensure the security of the stronghold, send the army to explore nearby. Eliminating more than three troops at a time will get more energy. Sometimes a move can cause continuous merging and summoning behavior. All in all, the more synthetic a move achieves, the more troops will be summoned to the battlefield.

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By eliminating it reasonably and systematically, the number of summoning units and combat effectiveness will be increased. Drag high grade units directly from the sand table to the battlefield for higher combat effectiveness. Summon hero - new characters makes us stronger. It is time for the enemy to taste the failure.

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