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Hello young lord, welcome to the kingdom of the three lands! I am Cheat-on, great king of the three lands. I am looking for a successor able to reign on the three lands in my stead. However, you will have to prove your worth by reconquering the three lands by yourself. I sense great potential within you, that’s why i choose you. You seem new in the fundamental arts of war, so let me explain some important things.

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World map - here is your main city, young Lord. It’s a bit basic for now. But you can improve your city by upgrading it. Each upgrade will improve the defense of your city and your kingdom points. Your kingdom represent production of gold and soldier per hour. I see you’ve built your city on a floating island. Clever, your enemies will never be able to conquer it.

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Now it’s time to start your expansion. On the three lands, there are many cities that haven’t been conquered yet. Let’s start with this city! Let’s send all of your troops toward the city! The more soldiers you have compared to the opponent city, the less you’ll lose in the fight. You can now move your troops between your cities. Now, let’s take a look at the combat report. Touch the scroll. You can see in detail the combat into to understand the strategies of your opponents.
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The neutral cities always have a weak defense. They can only be conquered when you have less than 29 cities. Still, remember that knowledge is power. Send one soldier spy on this city to get information about it. Scouts travel alone, so they are much faster than a regular army. However, stay careful. Your opponent can see when you send a spy or an attack. Let’s look at the information the scout has brought us. Now, you know how many soldiers are in this city, so you will be able to establish a strategy before attacking. You’ve understood the basics of well planned war.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Don't forget to scout before attacking your opponent.
  • For the rest, Well, it's said that the best way to learn is on the battlefield. Explore this vast land and conquer it, young lord.
  • Find details about your kingdom and profile by tapping on your avatar. Here is your kingdom points, level, accumulated XP, and your clan.
    Right side is for your kingdom - the total troops you have, the number of cities you control and gold. You have also your gold and troops production rate per hour.

Million Lords tips
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Now that you gained your first skill point, go to your profile to use it. Each time you level up, you earn 1 skill point. Use that point in one of the skill branches. Your choice will forge your strategy: offensive, defensive, balanced, specialist, etc.
Castle: estimated defense - in this section, you can see the troops in your city, the defense bonus and your city walls power. Production - here is the army and gold production of this city. Upgrades - here is the estimated productions rate, and defense bonuses for the next level.
Million Lords tutorial

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