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Game Story
Here, you will form an increasingly powerful army and conquer even more powerful enemies. Now, start your journey immediately. Drag the soldier cards from the barracks to the soldier positions in the deployment area to deploy soldiers. If you want to change the hero, you can also drag the hero card to the hero position to replace the hero. Each battle can play up to 1 hero and 14 soldiers.
Mini Warriors Brawler Army Hack Basics
After the battle begins, only hero can be controlled, soldiers will fight automatically. Use the virtual joystick (mobile) or ASDW key (PC) to control the hero's movement. Elite and above heroes have skills. After the skill storage tank is full, click the skill icon (mobile) or right mouse button (PC) to release the skill.
After completing a specific level, you can get rewards from hero chests or soldier chests. Open the hero treasure box and you will get a random hero. Opening the soldier treasure chest will randomly get a new troop.
Hint & Tips
1. During the pre-war formation, you can drag the same troops with the same star level together to form a higher star unit.
2. When the star rating of a troop increases, in addition to the improvement of offensive and defensive attributes, the size of the troop will also gradually expand.
3. When there are enough gold coins to accumulate, new troops can be recruited before the battle.
4. Every time you recruit, you can accumulate a certain lucky value. When the lucky value reaches 200, you can get an extra rare troop for free.
5. Upgrade investor - all your industries in town will be rest, but you will get faster growth than before. The purchased product will not be rest.
Paladin - the knight who believes in justice and light will punish all evil. Assassin - the quick and cunning assassin will always attack the enemy by surprise.
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