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A man approaches in the tavern. Hey you. Are you an adventurer? I’ve heard that goblins appear in the Ghostly Plane. I want to take a look. Mind escorting me? The journey was far from easy. Monsters, maybe we can just find a way around it? I don’t want you to get hurt. Get a shiny reward after completing the event!
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Mini Legends hack

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Town - where your legends live and train. Each building offers various unique services. You’re able to mold your characters to become powerful mages, rogues, tanks or any combination you desire.
The creativity of alchemists drives the country’s development, and wizards can only use magic with the help of the Circles of law. Magic has changed people’s lives, and the king’s renaming of the academy of alchemy to the college of magic is the best proof.
Customize your units at the market with awesome skins and emotes.

Mini Legends cheats, hack codes

Complete in the arena against other commanders around the world. At the center of your town is the battle portal. Tap on the portal to open the play menu. Add your new heroes to our lineup. Tap to add a legend to the bottom lane position. Your line up is set and we are ready to go! Use cheat code - you’ve earned a key! Use this to unlock a training building. Each of these buildings train up soldiers in a variety of areas. Such as strength and agility, to arcane and wisdom. The blacksmith is a place where heroes train tanks.
Mini Legends wiki
This is a multiplayer game where you command a team of 5 legends versus another team of 5 legends. Your legends are off to defend the top, middle and bottom lanes. They will fight automatically, or you can take control of your legends at any time. Tapping your hero to take control. Use the joystick to move to the waypoint. Tap the attack button to destroy the enemy. Units are placed in your reserves after recruiting them. Try dragging in into your team.

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Mini Legends tips
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Your goal is to destroy the enemy arcane reactor. Remember your 5 legends will automatically fight for you. Tap on them to take control at anytime. S2EXOT - supply box
q3Yt23 - treasure chest
CsIeFB - multiplayer
UnJ8hA - vip status
D3zCil - star tokens
Hack lriLCv - artifacts
Cheat acsqZt - evade
pA5aVx - elite ticket
fj05Yh - exchange cheat code

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