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We are back to Panop from Holy land to take our home back. The scouts found the enemy ahead. Prepare for the battle.
The coming battles will be more and more fierce. We have to upgrade the power of our heroes to get prepared. Click barrack to upgrade the heroes. I can provide the precious ranged attack support. Click the archer’s avatar to upgrade him. Resources are needed for upgrading hero level. Higher the level, stronger the whole troop. Click upgrade to strengthen him and his troop.

Mini Legions cheats, hack codes

1. )N9*}*[q - goddess's gift: the light lords with the treasure for their battle. Dropped after winning a battle against Bosses, various resources inside.
2. k0)abzsl - gems
3. Enter Z17gGZh= - estone
4. Pass №jIB4AVv - legendary gear
5. ;Y~j<=76 - friendship points
6. Enter u?cmR]a* - rewards: adventure essence, Dojo ticket, Merits of knight
7. n5?hD9Er - exclusive pack
8. _sr6eo]~ - deluxe month card
9. spar;;x0 - gold coins
10. :nH!x3L5 - unlimited essence
11. yi~qKsKi - upgrade
12. 13%eN~!e - unlock heroes
13. 4t=DIk:8 - maximum level up
14. IL9AvCA7 - evolve
15. bJnNAq,: - treasure chest
16. ;?Nbrk(i - game coupon code

Controls Mini Legions: the enemy has a large bow force, and we use the same tactics, so that our infantry front will be washed away! Light cavalry troops come to support! The archers behind the enemy will be handed over to us, do not leave a living mouth. The riders prove themselves in the previous battle. They deserve upgrading. Click barrack or use cheats codes to upgrade them. Draw lines to order the riders to strike the ranged troops.

Hack tools, Mini Legions, unit information:
Franco - archers: ranged attack, counter footmen. Footmen deal more damage to lancers, rider > to archers.
Remington - riders: fastest unit charging to shock the enemy (counter).
Use cheats codes - unlock secret village.
Rider - basic cavalry units, able to charge to attack, countering archers.
Footman - the basic unit in army, balanced with attack and defense, countering lancers.

Mini Legions gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. The green heroes can be dismissed in the time tower.
  • 2. Archers can easily destroy footmen from a distance.
  • 3. Explore the dungeon for the artifacts.
  • 4. Use cheats and give rewards. The gift from the Goddess seems to contain a lot of resources for us. Click to use the gift.
  • 5. The hero’s level is equal to the lowest central hero’s level.
  • 6. The troops can become even stronger, through gears. We obtained some gears in previous battle. Gear unit up. This is another way of strengthening the troop. Click auto gear to gear up him.

Mini Legions Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
1. e_-g~cNWGgY?;k;
2. [F:aGzI>%"(7sX?
3. CkIaZsofx_3<080
4. h+zwwxe0\>Vx/nS
5. eh_eMDqC(\Y8{KS

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