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Mini Motor Racing 2 Game controls: now that your first card is registered, let me show you the lobby. Here, you can access race, garage, and club. Let’s take your new car out for a spin. Tap the race button when you’re ready. Career is now open. Proceed through the stage and unlock other races. World map - from here, you can choose to drive in career or event races. By winning career races, you’ll unlock event races. Why don’t you try driving in a career race first?

Mini Motor Racing 2 hack

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Career mode - each stage has a mission, and once you complete it, you can move on to the next one. Right side- here’s where you check the stage info. This stage is a classic mission stage. Classic mission is a normal race where you need to finish at a certain rank or higher. You can check specific criteria for the mission here. So, please check that out before you start.

Mini Motor Racing 2 cheats, hack codes

The garage - you only have one vehicle fo now. Collect different vehicles by driving in races. The vehicle info - for what you’ll drive in the race. You can also upgrade your vehicle’s performance here. The next stage is a classic boss stage. It looks like your rivals already upgraded their vehicles, though. G arena is now open! Don’t miss out on the variety of events held there every day.
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In vehicle info, you can level up your cars with rewards you won in raves. The vehicle’s overall performance improves as car level rises. Specific performance improve as parts level rises. Boss stages are a bit harder, so you’d better level up and improve your vehicle’s performance before you challenge them. Complete daily quests to get rewards. You can get additional special rewards by completing 10 or more quests.

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