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Long ago, when the this world was destroyed by demon's invasion...One galiath warrior from winter height unlimited minis who are the residence of the kingdom and fought back against demons. The warrior who defeated demons created a royal legion, and built the foundation of the kingdom with helps from two wises withes black and white. However, the long lasting peace made the kingdom of mini became lazy...And the power of darkness has reached its hand toward the top wizard black witch and put her into the corner. And black witch raised rebellions against kingdom. The up rise of the black witch was suppressed by the white witch, and the warrior king expelled the black witch and her followers to the misty valley forever and ever. Another long lasting peace continued again. And one day....

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With troops took over the path and I have no choice to travel opposite direction...It was the existence of warrior king that kept this kingdom in long lasting peace. But as soon as he is gone, the whole kingdom will collapse in time. I must let everyoneknow and get help. This is emergency. Kingdom has been invaded! Warrior king passed away fighting against intruders! We must know all legions to know about this. The kingdom is going to fall into enemy's hand! Every combat consumes keys. You also need to spend gold to reclaim the teritory from enemy's possession. Financial report helps you to predict gold change. You better check it often to prevent losses. Striker – the master of cavalry spear fighting. He hits twice at once. It is more wise to distribute experience to many characters than investing it into one.

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You'll get stats point every time you go up a level. Wooden sculpture – can be sold for a fair amount of money. Drag items to a quickslot for fast usage. Level up gives you more activity points to spend. Stars represent the difficulty level. Quest menu – there, reviewing about quests i've done earlier could really help me to grow even stronger. Use AP to unlock and level up your skills. There are active and passive skills. Only active skills can be put into a quickslot. Holy defender's magic shield also blocks dot damage such as fire wall. You can use power skills equipped by heroes. Destruction skill will enhance hero's attack damage for a while. Once a hero uses power skill other heroes have to a wait little more to use skills. It is very important to use power skills in right timing.

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1. KR29LISq4I – abilities points
2. MyjbOFHSIX – gold coins
3. h646kIlvRl – unlimited keys
4. 65EqCQmxxw - ruby
5. FewLQ68Ync - medals
6. n4hkbn9GGH – stamina energy
7. oEBwbTSOWf – level up

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