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Choose your realm: Aillai - is a sun worshiping human like realm which places a high value on unity, order, and honor. All Aillains are unified under the banner of Cillespilla.
Creaea - is a best like real which worships moonlight. Creaea is divided into four tribes of Glipto, Racconni, Sharkku and Rapanossa. THey are born with a free spirit.

MINImax Tinyverse hack

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Well, well! Look who’s here? Seems like you want to play with little ones, don’t you? Then you came at just the right time! It is just about to start. Look there! You see the little ones having a war? We call them Minis! Most of the Minis, the troopers are not able to understand us. However, a few of them understand us. We call them champions. Looks like these minis are fighting for their lives, let’s help them out. Look on the left, you have plenty of rations. Let’s send out some characters. Select the Brawler on the left. Deploy them where the arrow is!

MINImax Tinyverse cheats, hack codes

Press Q and let hero rush into the enemies at the front! You have saved up quite a lot of mana! Looks like you will be able to cast a miracle! Let’s burn these enemies to a crisp! Use meteor strike, on the right. Drop it into the middle of the enemy troops. Oh, look! The sun has set! Creaeans can see better and move faster at night. Time for the counteroffensive! Let’s call some more troopers. Use defense bubble, it’s there on the right. You can protect the minis on the front line.
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Welcome to the Tinyverse! There are a lot of things that you can do here in the lobby! Since it’s your first time here, i would recommend practicing a little before facing other maxes! Use the battle button to begin. This is where you can practice. You can test out every single champion, trooper and miracle. Get a taste of the real battle and prepare for the real fight. After feeding your troopers with your rations, you can send them to the battlefield. Think and deploy your troopers wisely within the available perimeter.

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