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Miracle Heroes of Dimension hack

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Follow the instructions of crow to win. One unit per turn - move vertically or horizontally. After each other moved one unit like this. All units attack the enemy ahead. Attacks increase or decrease damage depending on the attribute. When the assault gauge has accumulated - assault can be launched. Assaults focus on one place.

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1. FfAglVxFwb - Honor coins 2. DoMjOknfrm - exp potion 3. FTfBEp9yOZ - relic level stone 4. t0ptLyvEVa - ice crystal 5. YH1Uvsk0ss - devil box

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About movement: you can move one unit vertically or horizontally. You can move 1 unit for each turn. About attack - attack the enemy in front depending on the value of atk. Unit standard attack hits the front enemy 1 unit. About attribute - damage changes with superior attribute. Attack damage is changes depends on the attribute of the opponent unit. Guardian summons when you paint all squares. When a unit moves to all squares “guardian summoning” occurs.
Miracle Heroes of Dimension wiki
You ca assault when the gauge is max. All units attack on the specified square. If the assault succeeds, the assault gauge will remain 100%. Before entering the battle, perform form of formation. Postion 3 units of unit as you like it can be arranged. In the bottom of the screen reserve arrange unit. If unit is mission during battle from the top left of reserve will complete in order.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Hero's unit is if defeated, it becomes defeat.
  • When placement is complete - press decision to start the battle.
  • Focusing on the party's attributes and reading the movement.
  • If you collect the hero's pieces and awake the hero, ability stats is greatly increased, and appearence is more colorful.
  • In the top tab, you can check heroes you possess by feature: tanker, fighter, ranger, caster, healer, supporter.
  • Register the character you want in the hero slot, you can organize heroes. You can change the combination for each mode and save it separately.

Miracle Heroes of Dimension tips
Hack cheats tutorial Miracle Heroes of Dimension(wiki):
If the hero is organized efficiently by the characteristics of the occupation, the bonus effect is activated. When the bonus effect is activated, you gain additional ability stats during the battle as follows.
However, heroes have their own potential stats. The entire potential of heroes that you want to organize can not exceed my leadership level.
You can check the adventure world map chapter star name. Change the difficulty level by pressing the difficulty setting button.
When you touch the stage, the information for that stage is displayed. YOu can check current team battle power and the recommended level of the stage.
Check the information on rewards and monsters of the current stage.
Miracle Heroes of Dimension tutorial

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If you collect the hero’s pieces and awake the hero, ability stats is greatly increased, and appearence is more colorful.
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