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Miracle Origin cheat world: you wake up? Just when you fell from the sky, it was the elf dragon who caught you. The monsters around are incited. Could you help me to wipe out them. You will be stronger with the companion of pet. It's said that there are a lot of high level gear looted by monsters in the hunting illusion. Try your strength. How to play? Quest + raid + booting + Boss.

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Dark abyss EXP can get a lot of EXP tp quickly upgrade. Remember to invigorationg and eating multiple EXP drugs. Get a lot of EXP and materials when you complete your daily quests or hack cheats code. Open the daily panel and check it. Get Vip to use the transfer function for free, increase the number of copies, and enjoy exclusive shopping mail specials.

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Characters: elementalist - long range, great control skills and high MATK, who is good at curse, ice dizziness and ice shield, with a strong range of explosive ability. Skills: Frost strike - the magic wand condenses the lemental energy, simmoning the frost spirit God of War to destroy the heavens and destroy the land. Ice fall - magic creates a mysterious iceberg remotely, slamming the sea and stunning the enemy, causing DMG from multiple targets. Arcan shock - gathers lightining energy light waves, thunder anger such as the end of the day to bombard the ground, multiple targets cause DMG.

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Spellsword - short range, flexible and high ATK, who is good at counterattack, grasping and magic power, with agile ability to conquer enemies in succession.
Berserker - short range, high ATK and high HP, who is good at tough battle, soul absorption and golden bell protector, with a formidable close combat.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: surprise for growing up, level up get super gift epci red gear, limited wing for free. Enhance level will be transferred to the same location without DMG. After first RECA, the initial skills will strengthen the group attack, and it is more conventient to bot the hook. During the event, founding a guild will be able to receive more gifts, summon warriors, brilliant Achivies! Rewards for each guild can only be held once, only the founders can lead.

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Tutorial Miracle Origin (wiki): the more people offline in the team, the higher the offline EXP bonus. The offline team can view in the settings. Offline botting: benefit from offline, and get rich EXP after offline. Kill the boss and obtain rare gear. Boss drop can be collected by owner. THe more star you achieve, more super gear you will get.

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