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Free hack Miracle SEA cheats code list - gold, heart, evolve, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Miracle SEA cheat world: you can check the adventure world map chapter star name. You can change the difficulty level by pressing the difficulty setting button. Entrance admission areas are activated as shown. When you touch the stage, the information for that stage is displayed. You can check current team battle power and the recommended battle power of the stage.

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YOu can check the information of reward and monsters of the current stage. The dragon of time, Carumgand is changed from the immune status of the harmful effect to the state of power reduce, the state of reduced duration. The player's experince value during reward increases the account level, while the hero experience value increases the hero's level.

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In the top tab, you can check your possessing heroes by feature. Formation - register the character you wanted in the hero slot, you can organize heroes. You can change the combination by each mode and save it separately. If the hero is organized efficiently by the characteristics of the occupation, the bonus effect is activated.

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When the bonus effect is activated, you gain additional abilities stats during battle same as below. However, heroes have their own potential stats. The entire potential of heroes that you want to organize can not exceed my leadership level.

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