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ACMde1 - rune
XG29z2 - star gem voucher
PFECrj - refine stone
ve2sdb - secret mode code
JOUxb1 - luxury bag
r29jPW - free coupons
uetEZu - stat point pack
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Stop the time compression and hand over the paradise key. Over rush is ready! Tap on the avatar to release the ultimate skill.
This is the Yugera base? That’s weird, it’s not what you’d expect a base to look like? First of all, you can’t judge something just by how it looks. This may like a street, but in reality. It is in fact a street. But don’t underestimate this place, you can buy many things here at a fair price, and if you’re luckly you just might find something great at a discount.

Mirage Memorial hack

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Ok, it’s time for you to start wondering whether what we call Yugera base is actually just a normal city. Now i will explain to you why we call ut a base. Like i said before we fought Tamamo, Lucifer used the time compression to change the world.
You can use a star gem voucher cheat code to summon your beloved servant. You can also use crystal hack to frequently summon servants.
You have won 4 battles with s rating? SO you can receive a dungeon chest! YOu obtained evolution stones, which can be used to evolve characters.

Mirage Memorial cheats, hack codes

1. 63pDcG - level up
2. VKRCcU - voucher
3. oZZE6y - shard
4. x6eC0c - free stat point
5. uwGTN0 - tome of training

Master, you can evolve heroes so that they learn more skills. Each servants has four kinds of exclusive stats, which can be improved through refinement. Refinement results are random. Inlay cheat code can unlock hero skill. I’ve prepared a reward for you hard work, it’s an item that lets you perform advanced summons. I sent it out to you in the mail. You can craft legendary equipment for your characters, and deploy them tactically and freely to win battle!
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Challenge bosses from all parts of the world on your adventure, lead your guild to win 150 vs. 150 unreal global wars, collect the best legendary heroes, and become the champion master of the android world! Communicate and play with opponents from around the game world in a social system with high degree of freedom!

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1 TNs8N0 upgrade
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You can get a lot of runes for servant evolution in the way of conquest. Stage rating rules: s - all characters survive, a - 1 hero was killed - c - more than 3 units were died. Possible drops: runes, stones, crystals, gem voucher, gold, materials and etc. Improve friendliness to get more gold. Remember, same characters can be used for star up. oprVlM - Stamina
ua0Gtr - star up
xPkMXk - advanced summon
dx8mJr - special offer
RUmXgI - evolve
Hack gjbYYF - artifacts
Cheat wS2mWd - evade
PD2hkl - elite ticket. W5GdDF - exchange code
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