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Free hack Mirror cheats code list - gold, evolve, boost up, promo ticket, rage, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Mirror cheat world: i am cheat-on, a Faerie of Void. Welcome to the wonderful world. I know what you need, and you need it bad. But before you explore the amazing world you should finish tutorial first. There are many vastly exotic characters in mirror. You can unlock them one by one to experience their stories. Now, let’s enter into the world of the dark elf. In this android game, the story will only proceed if you win in a engaging battle with the fierce enemies. Just remember, the MCs’ fates are decided by your choices.

Mirror hack

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Now, let’s learn about the battle system. Your health, when it reaches 0, you lose the round. Rage - it improves your attack and healing power. Prop - you can turn the tides of a battle by using it at a key moment. Top - this is the enemy’s skill to be used on her action round. Press on the skill icons to view details. Moves - you’ll lose the round of you don’t defeat your enemy within this amount of turns.

Mirror cheats android, ios hack codes

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Next, let’s go over the gem rules. Mirror physical attack gem - this is a physical attack gem. Matching it will cause physical damage to your enemy.Mirror magic attack gem magic attack gem - matching it will cause magical damage to your enemy.Mirror healing gem healing gem - restore your health.Mirror rare gem rare gem - increase your rage level. Move three gems in the same line to clear them. The higher your rage is, the stronger your attack and healing are, so don’t ignore the rage gems. If you want to win the battle, then matching combos with gems is key.

Mirror wiki
Moving 4 of the same gem in a line will launch 2 effects and generate a skill gem. A skill gem is generated cross slash. Moving more than 5 gems into the shape of an L/T will create 3 times the effect and spawn an ultra skill gem. An ultra skill gem is generated lightning bolt. After being taking damage 2 times from skill gems, the enemy’s defense will be reduced. He will certainly be angry in this situation, so even through his defense is reduced, his attack is increased. By the way, super high damage, 10+ combo and 3 S class gems will also reduce his defense.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Along with the L shape elimination, the T shape can also generate 3 times the effect.
  • An ultra skill gem is generated sharpness, which increase your rage and offers an additional buff.
  • Moving the same 5 gems in a line will generate 4 times of the effect and a super gem.
  • Double tap on the class S gem will trigger a powerful effect.
  • If 3 class S gem line up, they will wreak havok like you never seen before.

Mirror tips
    Tutorial Mirror(wiki):
  • Of one clear includes multiple skill gems, or there are extra gems in the clear, the power of the effect will be increased.
  • If you want to win the battle, in addition to mastering the elimination skills and creating more skill gems, use the skills and props at crucial moments.
  • Each clone can resist one round of damage, and damage you at the end of the countdown.

Mirror tutorial

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