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Welcome to the world of Miscria! It isn't safe out here alone. You need a miscrit. I'd be honored to give you one of my own. A single miscrit isn't enough to be safe. But now that you have one, I can teach you how to fight and capture more. In order to have a good chance at capturing another miscrit you should lower his health. Your characters earn experience every battle. Player rank – you can click this later to change your appearance, manage your traits, and view your progress. Looks like one of your hero is ready to train! Click on the button above to open the training interface. The best characters have the best stats. Add a bonus stat by clicking the button below. Each hero is strong and weak in their own ways.

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Miscrits –  hack codes
You should keep fighting and collecting characters. When they run out of health, come visit the town. The miscrian forest is large and diverse. There are four major landmarks: the lake, the woodsman's ax, the magic flower, and the elder tree. The further you go out the harder it gets. The path will guide you from the front to the back of the forest. Use it as a guide. Use an enchantment when you want to enhance the power of an ability. If you use them wisely, they can make a very big difference in the strength of your miscrit. Win 30 battles in week to win volcano pack.

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Miscrits –  cheats secret bug
Rare salamander – is swift, elusive, and has absorbing the magical power of nature from it's environment. Splender – proud and noble. Splender prides himself on loyalty and is everyone's best friend. Casanova – no one can resist the charm of elite Casanova. Everyone that crosses his path eventually ends up falling in love. The beloved flue has been overtaken by the blight, giving it incredible power to harness the fire element. Rare vinethra is a combination of powerful water and lightning elements, and is extremely difficult to discover. Crickin's flames are cool to the touch, but can elevate in temperate swiftly.

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1. Kyn3zrNgSj - gold
2. NlmA3u1CP8 - evolve
3. 3Ig6GlK03c - platinum
4. BIXcQZO7KV – massive enchant
5. thC875qOsP - gems
6. Zq2rD5LLNz - volcano packs
7. 05uvgMpOq2 - relics

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