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Game story: a few years back, there was a time called the night of the oblivion. On that night, all the heroes on the continent have vanished. No one knew why. Today, it’s the first day for the new world in the amidst of chaos.
How to play: all battles are played in the autom mode. Set the most optimum deck and change them as necessary for each battle field. Each character card has a unique role.

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Defense - this characer has the role of being on the front line and defending the ally team. Shirley is the defender. Attack - this hero has powerful attack skills for eliminating enemies. Erika is the attacker. Support - this unit provides support by giving advantageous buff to all or disadvantageous debuff to enemies. Young is the supporter.
Class: Royal shadows - when you set certain number of heroes in the same party, these heroes will be immune to stun and their critical rate will be increased.

Missing Heroes cheats, hack codes

Hero info - this is where you can check your account level. Account level can be leveled up by gaining exp through battles. You will also get reward when you level up. Top bar - you can check currently owned resources here. Level up is available? Tap the character card and open the info window. There are various character cards that have different grades and stats for each hero. Upgrade must be made for each character card. You cannot set two same hero cards in the same party.
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“i” - tap here to see details of the card. You can level up a card by using the soul stones. You can use the class puzzles to add or change Hashtag. Awakening - upgrade your character card by using class puzzle to make it more powerful. You can equip the item card on the relevant character card. You can easily level up by using the auto level up button. Tap this button to instantly level up the lowest level character card in the current party.
Skill info: Little fun - cleans up to field at supersonic speed. Cleaning deals damage to enemies within range. It cancels enemies’ buff effects as well as ally heroes’ debuff effects.
Chain treatment - attacks 1 enemy by throwing medicine shell. After damaging the enemy, the medicine shell fragment deflects to ally heroes and restores HP.

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Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US

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