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Welcome, brave soldier! Thanks for joining us! Follow the hand on the left of the screen to move your character. Tap on fire button to attack. Tap on grenade button to use it. Remember, it has limited quantity! The items which you got from battle can be use to upgrade your equipment. Enter your equipment bag to upgrade gear.

Mission Royal Hawk hack

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Tap the materials to enhance your gear. After upgrade and enhance, the stats of your equipment will increase. Get enhance material from mission challenge and daily event.

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Reinforcements: artillery - call for artillery support to attack the enemy, dealing 300% grenade damage.
Stealth bomber - summon a bomber to bomb the area.
Aircraft carrier - summon an carrier to attack target.
Reinforcement is a great function, don’t wink your eyes!
Mission Royal Hawk wiki
Male - the only survivor of the crimsons heart experiment, winner of the MBF training camp. He has a strong physique and firm will power, excellent skill with heavy weapons. Female - the descendant of a fallen lord, winner of the second MBF training camp. She upholds justice and is excellent with disquises and assassination.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • New players who cleared "normal stage" will receive a reward package containing a combat jacket.
  • Roll to avoid damage and effect.
  • Join legion and clear legion raid with your members.
  • Recover 1 energy every 6 mins.
  • Challenging other members from MBF is my favorite, more technology skill can be gained at the same time.

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  • If you need equipment and assembly, go to black market or use hack cheats code.
  • Free refresh chances in black market everyday.
  • Clear stage to unlock auto clear function!
  • Power core with higher quality and level will have additional properties.
  • Send medals to friend to get honor rate and energy.
  • evolve any 1 equipment to "green" to get rewards.
  • Agents can increase stats and skills of character.
  • Become invincible for 0,8 s after taking damage.

Mission Royal Hawk tutorial

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