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Guilde adventure - adventure carries on the legacy of the original game and recreated the classic gameplay of exploring on large maps. The marksmen say there is a castle up ahead, which was once guarded by Erathia’s soldiers. but the soldeirs are gone now, and only beasts live there. We will retake the castle and make it forward outpost. Battle: use spells in combat to defeat enemies more efficiently. Casting spells consumes mana. There are many advanced spells to be learnt.

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It was a tough battle. The monks saved the day. Without them, everything could’ve been lost. It’s just the first step of our hard campaign. We will face crueler battles. Enter the castle and rest for a while. After that, we must hurry. Erathia is still bleeding.
The Queen successfully recaptured her city. THe first step of many to reclaim her throne. But our enemies are strong. We need more troops. It is said monks can be recruited at the altar. Monks have healing abilities.

Might & Magic Heroes Era of Chaos cheats, hack codes

Diamonds are used to recruit stronger units. You will win lots of materials in battle. You can use them to enhance your army’s equipment. All your army’s equipment has been enhanced? Now you can upgrade your troops. After troop are upgraded, their abilities increase greatly (roster rating, attack, HP, defense). To gain experience, go into battle. Enter pass BngH32 - you just gained an experience potion. Use it to thet troop experience immediately.
Every soldier has a place, it will be strong when used appropriately. Offensive units can decrease their target’s armor by a percentage. Multiple effects are redundant.
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Soldiers: Cavalier cheats gCdjPz- charge into battle on their noble steeds, protected by sturdy armor. Nearly invincible, many battles have been won thanks to their efforts. Postion: charges at your enemies at the beginning of the battle, giving you an advantage. Skill - they stab with pikes when charging at high speed, which deals massive damage.
Marksman code oGol8Y- are experienced soldiers, weakening enemies before engaging in melee combat. Their deadly crossbows strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Position: deal colossal burst damage and a double strike. Most effective against large units. Skill: marksmen add explosive powder to the tip of their arrows, making their shots deadlier.
Monk hack - are devoted believers. They are renowned for their blessing spells. used to protect their allies, but they will also charge courageously into the battlefield. Position: provides high morale, has a powerful healing ability. Skill: prayer may heal a unit’s wounds and restore their health.
Pikeman - are the kingdom’s first defense. Skilled soldiers, they have fought honorably in great battles and are loyal to the kingdom, earning them high praise from the people. Position: stun your enemies. Most effective on large units. Skill: pikemen only fight with a pike, but they become more skilled with it over time.

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