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The demons are coming, let's save this world. Extraterrestrial demons came in large numbers and many places were taken... Heroes came one after another to stop the. Howeverm extraterrestrial demons possess a horrible power. That's demonization.... Choose characters: Toby – ranged physical attacker, super cool looking skills. Arms queen – support, ranged magic caster, great at clearing group mobs. Mermaid – melee magic attacker, good at combo and kill blow, violent melee mage. Then click the icon on the world map to clear those demons! Click on change teammates to swirch new hero fighting with you. Teammates can reduce damage that the tank type of hero place in the front of team.

Mob of Monsters cheats android, ios hack codes

Mob of Monsters  –  hack codes
Whielwind – spin like a whirlwind, attacking all enemies around, it will slash cause physical damage 9 times, each time dealing damage and decrease 50% movement speed. Combustion shell – attack all enemies in front, dealing 4 waves of damage, each cause 169% physical damage.Collect or hack cheats code a lot of gems, this is what we need to advance which will increase our stats and power. Join score battle to obtain duke rank. Green arrow indicates this gear can be enhanced. Pay attention to the 3 stars requirement, 3 stars clear is required to unlock sweep.

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Mob of Monsters –  cheats secret bug
experience fruit lets you level up with speed. Cast skills at the critical moment, and turn the tide. Auto – the button shows current battle status. Click to switch between "auto fight" and "manuel fight"! Activate 4 gem slots to advance hero. Refresh opponent in the 12 palace, clear them all. Team ranking rewards from 20 points everyday, higher rank better reward. Replay race twice each day, get a buch of gold. Unlock racial sill with 3 stars hero!

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1. GKBUe5OGqq – hero summon
2. z32MXRwXs9 - gems
3. Atxdlx8zkt - diamonds
4. 5eVwT1th5j - gold
5. TocNneqPzq – vip 10 status
6. sCVuF4hfT4 - enhance
7. RCTeazqUNq – package code
8. 04AdvweUiK – unlimited stamina energy

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