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Free hack Mobile Conquest cheats code list - gold, talent points, legendary hero, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Mobile Conquest cheat world: commander, welcome! I'm your lieutenant, cheat-on. Let's build a strong army! If you want to be invincible on the battlefield, you need excellent heroes. We can recruit them at recruitment office. Normal recruitment costs normal order and you can get a hero reward (1-5 star hero ) but the chance of getting a high star hero is small.

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Advanced recruitment costs advanced recruitment order or gold and your can get higher star hero reward (3-5 star hero). Before battle starts, we need to set the battle hero. Tap our formation. Choose the battle hero by tapping their avatar. We found enemy commander's small force. Destroy them to win the battle.

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Every hero has their own camp. There is a restraint among heroes from different camps. Camp restraint deals 20% damage with additional 30% hit rate. We got hero shard - besides recruitment, we can compose a hero with shards. New hero can be composed when the number of shards meets requirement. We must learn how to strenghten hero so that we can deal with tough enemies.

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Low star heroes are weak. We can get important upgrade materials by recycling them. Resources collected in battle or from hero recycle can be used to upgrade hero level. Then we need to put the equipment that we just got on the hero. Our hero will keep fighting in your absence. The longer the battle lasts, the more resources you can collect.

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