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Free hack Mobile Royale cheats code list - gold, talent points, legendary hero, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Mobile Royale cheat world: my lord, i'm cheat-on, a crusader, and i am here to lend my sword to your cause. To end the unrest on Vollandia, i pledge my loyalty to you and shall do my utmost to make you king. My job is to oofer you assistance and support. A castle is the keystone of a city's might, and where all development begins. Let us complete the castle toghether. Complete city quests to get various rewards.

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We appear to have disturbed some ruins. I sense a powerful aura of magic. Tap on the clan soulstone to take part in the campaign. The clan soulstone is an ancient ruin that can send our troops to various location on Vollandia. To secure our position on this land, we should establish diplomatic ties with the toher major clans. Let's send an amissary to Kingsdor.

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Tap the hero icon to deploy heroes. Deploy 2 or more brigades of the same soldier type to activate formation skills. The circle lights up when the hero's spirit is full. Tap on the hero icon to use the hero's activate skill. Touch the screen, hold and drag to select skill effect location. Then lift your finger to release the skill. Heroes lead your troops into battle, and also help you for logistics and military affairs. Get more heroes to handle a wider variety of situations.

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The barracks is where soldiers are trained to use a variety of weapons. When you send out your armies, your soldiers will use weapons corresponding to your brigade settings and leading heroes.
The legendary guardian dragon is the source of all culture and magic. It will help safeguard the peace. The drugon must have sensed your wisdon. These elemental powers are not only useful against enemies, but are also give blessings that benefit the city. The Elemshards we obtained during the last campaign can help the Dragon regain some powers. We have obtained the life element- the dragon's blessing now has an effect on resource production.
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Mobile Royale Instructions: the guardian dragon gives your city some protection. Its blessings raise your infirmary capacity and healing cost. Under the protection of the guardian dragon, we are able to seek its help during battle. The guardian dragon has powerful skills that can turn the tides.

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