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With space time in chaos and the threat of war looming, there was a comeback. Yuri, a once chilling name. Reverberated over the free world again. Creating new chaos and havoc. Those who defend freedom were assembled into armies to fight valiantly. The key to the fate of mankind is now in your hands. You...only fight...and fight at all costs.

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The base is at the primary stage. To develop military forces a large amount of oil and ores are needed. Commander, tap the empty ground to build resource structures. Military forces are required to resist the Yuri. Please build tank factories. You can use tank factory to train infantry units and you are able to upgrade it to unlock advanced tanks. Tap train, remember to keep the factory busy!

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You can use construct factory to view base info and you are able to upgrade it to increase the level limit of other building as well as unlock new building and functions. Upgrade construct factory to increase the core competitiveness.
You can use air force HQ to train air force units and you are able to upgrade it to unlock advanced air forces.
YOu can unlock various tech by developing battle lab, which can permanently boost your military, industry and logistics.
Modern Alert wiki
Wall is the place designed for garrisoning your defense troops. Upgrade wall to promote capacity and city defense value of defense weapon. The wall level is the prerequisite to upgrade construct factory.
Radar is a crucial device for scouting enemies. Learn name and purpose of troops commander that marches against you.
Resource ground - please confirm that additional troops will be deployed to eliminate Yuri’s rebels and recover resource plots.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Use the draft order to substantially increase the capacity of the single training queue.
  • Continue to finish mission to unlock more stories.
  • Everything is visible under the radar's sight. A keen observation is always one of the qualities that a warrior must have.
  • Getting rewards by completing missions.
  • Technology is divided into 4 types based on the function, which can be upgraded at your will. Research on techs to boost strength quickly! After the tech is researched, you'll get an additional expedition queue.

Modern Alert tips
Hack cheats tutorial Modern Alert(wiki):
  • Get rewards for completing daily tasks and mission tasks.
  • Unlock and research important buildings in technology, and improve the properties after research technology.
  • After upgrading the base to level 5, chest rewards are promoted.
  • After commander upgrade, you will get strategy points then you can allot them to military affairs, industry and logistics.
  • Strategy should be unlocked in order and you can allot points at will in unlocked strategy.
  • You can activate powerful skills by using strategy points of the commander.
  • prism tower is one of key defense buildings that can repel enemies effectively. You can upgrade it to increase attack attributes.

Modern Alert tutorial

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Welcome mail: Honored commander, when you receive this email, it means that you have already stationed a base somewhere in the world, use hack cheats code and formally become a mainstay of the anti Yuri. Therefore, the following matters are reported to you.
Allies give a rename card to every commander. You can change your info and hide your identity to plan to counterattack if necessary. Meanwhile, you’re given a starter precise teleportation to secure your early stages. If you don’t like the garrison location or you’re in danger, please use it in time.
You shoulder heavy responsibilities in the way of counterattack. May victory with you!
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