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In 2035, a deadly virus spiraled out of control. And with it, came fire. We had destroyed all that we had built. There would be no turning back for anyone. We hid to survive, slowly dying off one by one. With nothing left we’ve turned on one another, sealing our fate in this miserable place. We can’t stay here, we have to face the nightmare above. Let’s ditch this place.

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We got word of a hidden facility that may have housed research into a cure for the virus. Sure enough, there’s a bunker under here, and you. We don’t have much time. Muties are everywhere. We need to get you a weapon. Check crate - code:4ofN9Fe0lh. We’ve got to take the stairs and they’re coming. Exit’s close!
Please hold the device with both hands when moving around. Your left hand controls movement, your right hand attacks enemies.

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The road ahead is unknown6 but it’s the only way forward. The mainframe center is down at the end of the road. We need to restore power, get it running, and then we’re set. Most buildings have increased efficiency when Alphas are sent to them. Place Hans in the command center now to reduce construction time and cost. Upgrade the command center to unlock new building and functions - enter cheat:iBjeIz2jE4
Modern Dead wiki
We need to clear out every inch of this place. The outcasts are murderous scavengers that harass and threaten everyone they can and now we’ve got a bunch of them outside the base. They managed to hit us hard, but they’re not smart. They’ll be sitting around somewhere, not thinking we’ll return the favor.
Before attacking the outcasts, we need a war cage - code: yf3v1XmSd3. Get one up and going, and we can train a bunch of Grunts. They’ll handle most of the messy stuff.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • It's best to neutralize ranged enemies first.
  • Outcast camps must be challenged one level at a time, and only once the previous level is challenged can you challenge the next level.
  • You can navigate using the joystick, moving the character where you'd like.
  • Tap the "attack" button to eliminate enemies.
  • Deploy high rank alphas to get more buffs.
  • Send Alphas to our boot camps when you can - they'll increase training speeds.

Modern Dead tips
Hack cheats tutorial Modern Dead(wiki): We march from the memorial plaza. The higher the level of this place, the more soldiers we can muster for combat.
You will only accrue a few wounded troops when attacking outcast camps.
Treat wounded in triage units. If we’ve got more wounded than our triage units can handle, everyone that can’t be treated will die. Keep a eye on it. Deploying Alphas to triage units will speed up the healing process.
We’ll have more stragglers coming in. Build a growth patch to harvest food. Tap on the resource icon over the building to harvest the food to the storage unit. Remember, they have a limit. You’ll need to check on the regularly.
Modern Dead tutorial

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We burn through supplies pretty quickly here, so you’ve got to make sure we’re gathering food on a regular basis. The day to day running of this place is in your hands. If you’re wondering what we need to be working on, check the board i’ve provided.
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We need boot camps for soldiers that we recruit. And we’ve got to get them organized. Berserkers - CQC grunts, which possess higher offensive power, will deal extra damage to bikers.

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Expedition - the first time you claim victory in the deserted areas you’ll earn yourself a reward. You might also find some key Alpha items in there, and maybe a new companion or two. Enter this spot as many times as you need if a scrape is your thing. You’ll pick up expedition coins here, and can use them in the expedition store.
There are two ways to win in expedition challenged. Eliminate all targets, or all of the beasties. Right now, we’re focused on anything that walks. Blue grids show ya the range in which your troops can move around.
The turn ends when your troops are done moving. After that, the enemy will do their thing. You see, it’s turn based.
You can’t move when it’s the enemy’s turn. let them finish, and then it’s your time to shine. Or kill things. If you’re into that sort of thing.
Shards - NcCuGK8Pzi
Skills - sYzogcUUja
Items - qzwMYNdP9L
Equipment - RllFGpRmYV
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