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Welcome, I will be your guide. Yes, I am the hacked version of korp's popular propaganda-spewing spokesperson! Your first contract was a success! You achieved your objective, but the real work starts now. After each victory, you receive a crate. They will stack up in your crates inventory. Tap on the crate to open it. Each crate has a timer you need to start before being able to receive your rewards, so let's not waste time! Tap on the crate to star the timer. Crates take time to open, but just like me, this one has been hacked. Crates contain rewards, including agent experience. You obtained experience for a new agent!

Modern Combat Versus cheats android, ios hack codes

Modern Combat Versus –  hack codes
Agents menu – this is where all your characters are displayed. I will guide you through this next step. Because I am helpful. Tap on the details icon to access more information about agents. You can access the details meny for all agents you have unlocked. Here are the core stats for this agent – her health and weapon damage. This information is important; please be attentive. This is her ability. Each agent has an ability that you can use in battle. You must allow her core changes to build up on the field in order to use it. As you can see, you have gathered enough experience to upgrade character to level 2. This will improve her stats.

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Modern Combat Versus –  cheats secret bug
The crates you receive after a victory have different rarities. The higher the rarity, the better the content of the crate. Tap on it to see what it contains. Before jumping into battle, let's build a squad of three agents. These will be the ones that you can use while in combat. Remember: different roles are useful in different situations. Achievements are long term objectives that grant you rewards upon completion. Upgrading an agent costs versus coins that you receive in crates after a win.

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1. HsEbl3RqfB – open now (speed up)
2. zNM3W2f7dz – epic crates
3. ufecBcKDf0 - diamonds
4. gBq0qts6Dp – coins
5. lEg5iK5k0K - aim
6. KRM8zxARWN - wh
7. 0A6NRYhN2V – unlock agents
8. nwedG7hQqn - level up

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