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Alola region welcomes you! I am cheat-on, follow me on your way to the strongest trainer. First, get your first Pokemon through capsule. Advanced capsule has a chance to get rare character. Then click team, send pokemons for battle. Click the challenge to start your journey. Controls: choose a target to attack. Click skill and attack! Oppressive attribute will show on good effect, can attack double even quadruple damage.

Mons Trainer hack

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No restraint shows that the skill has an effect, will cause the normal damage. Grade up is vital in raising heroes, click characters area to enter the pokemon page. Click up, not only will the hero attribute be improved, but also unlock super skill. Defeating an enemy, you can see the score bar increases! Upgrade the skill level to be more powerful.

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Mons Trainer hack stamina
The higher the skill level is, the higher the damage is. So after Pokemon upgrading, remember to upgrade your skills quickly. Click to use experience pot to quickly upgrade character level. The battle team of monsters need every trainer to cultivate through upgrading and evolving. Growing with your monsters from one level to another is absolutely a great task of satisfaction.
Mons Trainer wiki
This title prepares a variety of mounts for trainers. With just one-click breeding and upgrading, the mounts will be more stylish as you wish. Besides, the little cute mounts can also enhance your team power so enemies can be destroyed more easily.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Witin 7 days of the opening of the new server, it will be able to participate in various challenges and receive substantial compensation. These activities will end after 7 days. Please participate in the activities in time.
  • Essential items for mega can only be obtained by participating in ultra beast battles.
  • Essential items for evolution can be obtained for hard stage and target Ditto.
  • When Kyogre enter the stage, all characters water type and ice type moves' power increase by 100%.
  • Reroll is the most effective way to increase battle rating. It's super effective.

Mons Trainer tips
Tutorial Mons Trainer(wiki):
  • Each gym core slot can only be socketed with specified move core types.
  • 10 diamond draw has higher chance to get advanced mystery dungeon ticket and rare monster.
  • Each gym's move can buff different pokemon stats.
  • Essential items for mega can only be obtained by participating in ultra beast battles.
  • Pokemons that are no longer fighting alongside you can be let free through release. If you do, there will be a surprise waiting for you!

Mons Trainer tutorial

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