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Monsland Legend cheat world: welcome to the magical monster world! Tap on arrow area to begin a marvellous journey now. Rainbow meadow is a good place, and i will give you a map. The first step of becoming a trainer is to acquire your first monster from capsule toy. Advanced capsule toy is with more chances receiving advanced monster. Spend 25000 more diamonds, will get a rare pokemon. Click team, send monsters for battle. Click on the empty seat in the team. Click on monsters for battle and addit to battle team. Close interface, the fighting monster roster will be auto saved.

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Click on the arrow area to the level. Choose a target to attack. Click skill and attack. Oppresive attribute will show on green up arrow, can attack double. You passed the first mission. By the way, since you get a 4 star review, you can receive rich reward. If you want your monster be more powerful, you need to improve the friendship. Give monster their favorite gifts to upgrade intimacy level. New skills will also be unlocked with the increasing of intimacy level.

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This is mission score, number mean how many star you received. Rating introductions: higher ratings mean better rewards; more enemy kills and more ultimate releases can reward you with more points, being attacked or monster taints will cause point losses; The rating increases when the points bar is full, from 1 to 4 star. Defeat or control the enemy with speed will make it easier to get a better rating.

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Charmander is full of anger? Learn the ultimate and release can also increase rates. Improve monster skills to make monster more powerful. Attention: skill level cant be higher monster level. Remember to level up the skill when monster level up. Low level of monster? Don't worry - experience poor is here to help you. Level up the friendship to unlock the super skill.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: gym skill one skill core slot unblocks every 10 levels. More players purchasing growth fund, more rewards are shared. Super value reward cards and extreme cards allow for a maximum of 14x gem rebates, meaning you can get massive gems daily. Carried props comes from elite level, which is very powerful. Clever trainer will exchange the monster shard for poke shard.

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Tutorial (wiki): fusion has 30 levels, don't forget to get to get materials in safari. When tyranitar is here, ground & rock type skill power will receive a 50% bonus. Get extra rewards after reaching the corresponding rating. Every core slot is only for the appointed type of skill core.

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