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Monster Empire cheat world: titan was a distant planet and a world of magic. The creatures on the planet lived in harmony. Suddenly a soul crystal that seals the power of destruction fell from the sky. This evil force ripped the space apart and attempted to open the gate of destruction. When the space crystals is fully operational the gate of destruction will be completely open. Scramble for the control of space crystal and end their conspiracy. Heroes, heed the call of the guardian dragons. We will create history.

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Let's start from here. Save titan planet, prevent the teleportation of space crystals, and keep the two dimensions from colliding. We've arrived safely on Earth. The dragon has distributed may space crystals here. let's regain control as soon as possible. Crystal tower - all set and at your command, my Lord. There are many rare companions and resources to capture in the world. Gold mine - there might be some companions guarding it. Defeat them and you'll obtain great rewards.

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You will meet some monsters after the challenge starts which grant great amounts of exp when defeated. Drag companions to the fight position to replace the companion which joins the fight. Energy crystals - using skills will consume some of them. Progress will be added after each action. When the progress reaches 5, energy crystals will be increased. history - this is the order in which we and the enemy will strike. Select attacking target by clicking monsters.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can obtain many resources and grow faster by adventuring and hacking in the world. You can explore stages in the expeditions. You can control the fight speed. You've obtained a lot of treasures from the fight. You can put them on companions. Element temple - the materials needed for awakening heroes are produced here.

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