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Free hack Monster Hunter Stories cheats code list - epic gear, pets, zenny, promo ticket, materials, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Monster Hunter Stories cheat world: to a world of dark Blight, Unbidden, a savior descends.. Astride a white dragon, the heavens he rends...The Blight he repels and the light he restores. A Tru rider of monsters, he shall end all wars.
Controls: movement - tapping the left side of the screen will display the movement pad, and cause your character to run forward. Change the direction of the movement pad of change your character’s direction.

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Dashing and walking - tap the button on the lower left to switch to walking mode. To go back to dashing, tap the button again. Camera controls - swipe the right side of the screen to adjust the camera. You can even adjust the camera while moving. Progressing the story - select story quests in the camp menu to review what’s happened in your adventure so far. You can also get hints on what to do next.
Select subquests in the camp menu to view requests you’ve accepted. Completing subquests is a great way to earn item, exp, and zenny. You can accept subquests from the quest board, the armory and smithy, hack cheats, or from characters directly. Check subquests you’ve accepted from the camp menu. Characters with blue speech bubbles above their heads have a subquest to offer. White bubbles mean you have fulfilled the subquest’s objectives and can turn it in. You can abandon a subquest you’ve accepted from the camp menu or the quest board. Subquests can only be abandoned in towns (or use code). Completed quests from the board or armory and smithy can be accepted and completed again.

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Menu buttons - you can access the camp menu, your monsties, or Navirou from the menu buttons on the left side. Objective markers - keep an eye on the lower screen when you’re unsure of where to go next. The orange objective marker shows the location of your next major goal. Speaking to characters - look for people with speech bubbles above their heads. Red bubbles mean they will advance the story, and yellow bubbles mean they have something to say.
Upgrading equipment: equipment can be upgraded with specific types of materials or hack cheats code. Some equipment may cost more zenny or have two different kinds of upgrade materials. Upgrading equipment will improve its stats. if the same piece of equipment is upgraded several times, it may change into something new.

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Stables - egg carton: select hatch egg in the egg carton to view your eggs. Tap an egg to hatch it. Your new monstie may receive stat bonuses depending on where you tap it. Egg fragments - select egg fragments to assemble eggs and hatch new monsters. You can find egg fragments scattered throughout the world or win them in Network battles. Your house - contains several useful features, namely the bed and chest. Bed - take a nap in the bed to fully recover your party’s HP and hearts and save the game. Be sure to save often in case you run into trouble later. Create backup - use this option on the title menu to create a backup file based on the save data recorded when sleeping in bed.

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Instruction: visit the connecticat to view information about QR codes, hack cheats, and how to scan them. The Prayer Pot is a mystical relic found in different towns. You can offer up items or prayers here to cause little miracles to help you in your adventures. Charms have different effects, such as boosting your stats in battle or changing shop prices. Each charm has its own effect, try them out and find one you like!

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